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Serving Others Neighbors (SON) International.Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


Just check the file I send. Choose one of those misionaries which is the easiest for you.


The goal of this assignment is to begin to expand one’s worldview and understanding of the Kingdom with the help of those doing cross-cultural missions.

You will be required to track the missionary activity of one family/individual during the course of this semester.

By the due date, you will need to submit a 6-8-page report which should include the following:

One to two pages introducing the country in which this missionary lives: history, religion, culture, language, etc.

One to two pages on the history of this family/individual in this country: their background, their connection with this country, how long they have been there, what their plans are, etc.

One to two pages on the nature of their ministry: are they church planting, using economic developmental principles, micro-financing, medical missions, etc.

One to two pages reflecting on what you have learned about missions while doing this project. You might include points such as for what the missionaries asked for prayers, challenges the missionaries face, joys they expressed, heartaches they experienced, transitions they are in, children’s challenges and education, etc.

You should include any references, sources, including the source of any information about the missionary, etc.



List of Missionaries to follow for Assignment: 


________________Angola Team: www(dot)angolateam(dot)org/  Robert Meyer was the visiting missionary last year 


________________ Honduras: Mike and Kris Bridges: 

                                Tanzania: Matt & Kelly Erdman (The Neema House): www(dot)tanzaniaorphanhelp(dot)com

________________Tanzania: Jonathan Sims:

________________Tanzania: Landon Shuman: 


________________Tanzania: David Bentley: 

                                 Tanzania: Lewis & Tammy Short: 

                                 Zambia: Roy and Kathi Merritt: 

                                 Zambia: Namianga Mission, The Havens, Meagan Hawley, Facebook

                                 Zambia: Namianga Mission, The Havens, Jana Miller, Facebook

________________Camobodia, Allisons: http://www(dot)allisonmission(dot)com/

________________Thailand: Chiang Mai Team: https://sites(dot)google(dot)com/site/chiangmaiteam/home

________________ Bangkok, Thailand: Gary and Michelle Ford,


________________Peru, Arequipa Team: http://www(dot)teamarequipa(dot)net, 

________________ Vanuatu: Eric & Shawnda Brandel, http://www(dot)missionvanuatu(dot)com/about.html

________________Mozambique: Alan and Rachel Howell: , www(dot)makuateam(dot)org

________________Mozambique: Chad and Amy Westerholm:  www(dot)makuateam(dot)org

________________Mozambique: Jeremy and Martha Smith:  www(dot)makuateam(dot)org

________________Mozambique: Jessica Markwood: 


________________Pokhara, Nepal: Cina Catteau:

________________Pokhara, Nepal: Craig and Theresa Philips: 

________________Germany, Leipzig: Mark and Karen Abercrombie:

________________Indonesia: Martin and Julie Johnson: http://martinandjuliejohnson(dot)com

________________Czech Republic: Team Olomouc: www(dot)teamolomouc(dot)com

________________Belgium, Luk and Holly Brazle:;

________________Nicaragua: Hope for Life: www(dot)1hope4life(dot)com

________________Nicaragua: Benny Baker, Mision Para Cristo: http://www(dot)misionparacristo(dot)com/

                                 Honduras: Amber Foster: www(dot)bchonduras(dot)org

                                  Honduras, Trujillo: Joseph & Kristie Pradzynski:

                                 Bolivia, Chochabamba: http://www(dot)cochabambaforchrist(dot)com/

                                  Bolivia, Sucre: Erik & Jenny Reyes:

________________Ireland, Dublin: http://www(dot)bibleanswers(dot)ie/

________________Cambodia: David and Sharon Welch: Facebook

________________Cambodia: The Trotter Family  Jonathan Trotter Facebook

________________Cambodia: www(dot)juliebroyles1(dot)blogspot(dot)com

________________Cambodia: http://randrdolan(dot)blogspot(dot)com/

________________Tanzania: www(dot)son-international(dot)org 

________________South Africa: Zimmermans: www(dot)sacmonline(dot)org

________________Brazil: http://www(dot)crescimentolimpo(dot)org(dot)br/en/

________________Mito, Japan: Joel Osborne 

________________ Nepal: Sam Gautam www(dot)samsministries(dot)com

                                 New Zealand, Dunedin: Nick & Marisa Parker: Facebook

                                 Iraq: Jeremy Courtney (Preemptive Love Coalition): www(dot)jeremycourtney(dot)com

________________Guatamala: Byron and Snezana Benitez,          

________________Buenos Aires, Argentina: Justin Sims, 


________________Russia, Tomsk: Catherine Hines, 

________________ Austria: Reggy Hiller, http://swcentral(dot)org/reggy-hiller/

________________ Arizona,Tuba City, Navajo: Eric and Tracy Kee www(dot)tubacitychurchofchrist(dot)com/about.html 

________________    Kenya, Nairobi: Charles and Darlene Coulston, 



________________Haiti: James and Abigail Rucker,

________________India: The Thomases, 

________________Tanzania, Geita: Scott McFaddin 



________________Mwanza, Tanzania: Eric Guild Facebook


________________Antalya, Turkey: Andrew Brinley 


________________Zagreb, Croatia: John and Susan Cooper: Facebook


________________El Alto, Bolivia, Juan López Puente 


________________St. Petersburg, Russia: Joel Petty 





Serving Others Neighbors (SON) International
Institutional Affiliation
Serving Others Neighbors (SON) International - Tanzania
Tanzania History
There over 130 ethnic groups in Tanzania, where most of them migrated from other parts of Africa. The Swahili group originated from an extensive mix of traders, including Chinese, Arabic, among others who arrived in around the 7th century (Mbogoni, 2013). Vasco da Gama was the first European (Portuguese) explorer to arrive in Tanzania. He visited the coast around the 14th century after this many of the coastal regions came under the control of Portugal. In 1692, Zanzibar was also under control of Portugal, when they were exiled from Island by Arabs. Around the 19th century, parts of Tanganyika and Burundi came under German East Africa until the end of the First World War.
When Germany was defeated, the parts were occupied by the British under the succeeding League of Nations and UN obligations. Tanganyika participated in regional politics where it supported the anti-apartheid regime in South Africa, and it arbitrated militarily in Uganda in 1978 to defeat the Amin government. In 1985, President Mwalimu Julius Nyerere retired, and Ali Hassan took over. Hassan established market forces into the country and also modified the constitution allowing the creation of the multiparty structure.

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