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Jesus Crucifixion and Death. Religion & Theology Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Assignment Description

Over the course of this semester we have engaged in a careful reading of each of the Synoptic Gospels.  We have employed a number of the methods used by biblical scholars in an effort to draw meaning out of the text.  This critical explanation of the Gospels is called “exegesis” which means 'to read out of '.  The methods themselves are called criticisms.  Each has its strengths and provides us with a way of viewing the texts.  We have seen Textual Criticism; Form Criticism; Narrative Criticism; Source Criticism; Redaction Criticism.

For your final synthesis paper, you will select a passage from one of the gospels Matthew, Mark or Luke.  Your research will consist of examining your chosen passage using one of the critical methods that we have used in class.  You may choose another that was not covered, eg Feminist or Socio-Political, but submit to me which method you wish to use.

Your paper should contain the following:

1)  What method you are using in analyzing the text.  What questions does this particular criticism seek to answer.

2)  Using books and scholarly journals, provide a summary of research that has been done on your chosen passage using the method you have selected.

3)  In your conclusion, discuss how this method helped to bring meaning out of the text.  Did you find any limitations in using this method?


The term paper should be submitted in the MLA format.  A template for the format is given here.  MLA


The paper should be at least 10 pages and at most 12 pages in length.

The title of your paper should state the passage and method you have chosen to research.

There are three deliverables for this project: Please do them SEPARATELY because I need to submit them on different dates.

  1. Selection of your passage and method should be submitted along with a preliminary bibliography of at least three references.  
  2. Post a summary of your paper. The summary should be 1 page in length. 
  3.  The final paper.

Attached is the rubric for this project: Final Paper Rubric.docx

An example of a final paper submission is provided below.

Please contact with me with any questions you have regarding this assignment!



Jesus Crucifixion and Death
Methods Used: Redaction Criticism
Text: Luke 23: 1-43.
A Critical Interpretation of Luke 23: 1-43 Using Redaction Criticism
All the canonical gospel books have documented the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. These accounts have their difference and similarities and they have been the source of heated debates amongst historians and theology scholars. A contradictory account about the same events can cast doubt on Christianity. It is one of the issues that Muslims have faulted the bible for citing that the incoherent accounts of Jesus crucifixion amount to work of fiction. The people who have been looking to discredit the existence of Jesus or his ministry have been pegging their arguments on the conflicting or different accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus. The four gospels have many differences especially stemming from the version of the chronological order of the events that led to the death of Jesus. The differences become more pronounced as a person compares the four crucifixion narratives. Most people wondering how the events in the passion narratives could be so different, resort to developing a mashed version which is commonly propagated mixing details from the canonical gospels and Acts. But the differences beg the question; if the bible is the word of God inspired by God, how would the different accounts of the most important moment of Jesus life on earth be contradicted? One of the best accounts of the life and death of Jesus is told by Luke because he is credited to writing a more orderly and “scholarly” account of the stories of Jesus than any of the other gospel writers. Luke authored his works with the sole goal of providing an orderly account of the life and death of Jesus. The book of John and Luke were authored about the same time; 90 years CE. It is expected that they relied on secondary information to write their book and they also had different goals they envisioned to achieve with their works.[Steele, Myron E. 2011. Bible 101: Basic Bible For Beginners. Xlibris Corporation.]

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