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The Dorothy day story Religion & Theology Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Write a well developed essay reflecting on the movie Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story. The essay should include some of the following points as well as your own personal reaction.
1 Identify reasons why Dorothy was arrested.
2 What scriptural parallels can you make to the movie?
3 React to how Dorothy raised her daughter Tamar
4 Cardinal Spellman says that Dorothy’s lifestyle and ministry was too challenging. Comment.
5 Comment on the statement Dorothy shared with Cardinal Spellman: “If you feed the poor, you’re a saint; if you ask why they are poor you are a communist.”
6 Early in the movie Dorothy says to Eugene O’Neil: “I have something to give, but I don’t know what it is—or to whom I’m supposed to give it! I want to live fully, to do something no one else has ever done before.”
O’Neil responds: (paraphrasing) “Ah the transcendent hunger, the aching void—it can’t be filled.” React!
7 Through out the movie the point is made that that the poor are the meeting place for God. React!
8 Comment: Dorothy says to her colleagues: “God will not judge us on our success; rather he will judge us on our faithfulness.”
9 How is this story of redemption? Conversion?


Dorothy Day Story
Dorothy’s story is hailed as a redemption story wherein the lost finds its way to the right path. Dorothy has always been identified with the political struggles of the masses. Her first jail experience occurred when she participated in a suffragist movement with a bunch of women to the White House. Dorothy joined a hunger strike and has suffered emotional challenges. She has seen the suffering of human beings and she asked which was right and wrong for the society. She despaired for the rights and the lives of the masses. In her experiences, it was the bible that gave her great comfort. Her sorrows were replaced with hope as she knew God in her state, even defeat could not stop her from moving on.

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