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Earth-Centered Spirituality (Essay Sample)

Discuss what is meant by "Earth-centered spirituality" in Primal religion pls use beliefs and believers by John K. Simmons as ref. source..

Earth-Centered Spirituality

The earth religions are not humanistic but rather they are earth-based. These religions are spread throughout the world from India, to Europe and Africa. Majority of these are religions that worship the earth, water and air among all the elements of nature. As such they have developed their religious beliefs around behaviours that respect the elements of nature that sustain the human life. It is for this reason that most of the religious members engage actively in activities that environmentally proactive, such as recycling.
Every human being is destined to draw their own line between ethical and unethical as there is no divine form of judgment that most other religions advocate.However, these religions advocate for respect for all of nature and it’s abounds. While most of the other religions may take the elements as part of the natural resources that were given by their deities for utilization, the earth based religions believe that these elements invite them to be aware of their surroundings rather than take them as provisions. This is a religion, which does not have any form of dogma, creeds, and the holy books nor does it have the prophets (Simmons & Governors State University, 1995). They reunite themselves with the natural world using creative visualizations and rituals. Being the Unitarian Universalists they are, they draw their living traditions from the experiences that they have of the transcending wonders of the world. To them earth is a manifestation of a god, and their source of power can be drawn from the four elements of nature, that is, earth, water, air and fire. In these religions the rituals are part of helping the followers to connect wi...
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