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religion essay (Essay Sample)

\\\"Hindu\\\" was a convenient term used to describe hundreds of community and social divisions, as well as for many diverse beliefs and practices. Unlike tribal religions, Hinduism/Sanatana Dharma is not localized. It is organized in many ways, but not centralized. What do you find surprising about this oldest of the world\\\'s religions source Fisher, M. P. (2011). Living Religions Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education. source..
RELIGION Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of submission Religion One element about Hinduisms that I find most fascinating is the use of images in the narratives and personifications as well as the idols and the sculptors. The religion expresses the super human power of gods and goddesses through four arms, multiple heads as well as other such like embellishments. The Hindu mythology has got much more to offer to the world in the realm of art and literature because it actually combines scientific rationale also. It is from the traditions that were set by the Sanatan Dharma that pagan religions from all over the world have used symbols and icons to represent intangible and abstract items. One of the most distinguished aspects of the Hindu mythology is that unlike other beliefs and faiths, this religion is not confined to a particular geographical area or time; its imprints are all over the world. Their gods, goddesses and the sages are mortal beings - timeless and everlasting (Fisher, 2011). Further, they are usually clad in some glittering costumes and are recognized as both resourceful and powerful, can grant boons and even inflict devastation and destruction through curses. The Hindu mythology also attaches a particular importance to the preservation of environment. Indeed animals and such plants like Peepal, Tulsi, Beil and Banyan are used to represent various gods and goddesses; these are to be adored, natured, and worshiped (Fisher, 2011). Moreover, they lay a great reverence to water sources, mountains as well as other elements of nature which they respect as gods and goddesses. Even such animals like pigs and snakes that are spited by other religions are recognized and find a respectable place in Hinduism. Something else that is striking about Hinduism is that they have their own trinity in their representation of one God. The Hindu mythology of the pictorial r...
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