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Circumcision with regards to the major 3 religions (Essay Sample)

This is a paper that compares the role of circumcision in scripture of the religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Essentially the role of circumcision is an argument between Judaism and Christianity over which religion is the chosen people and why they are the chosen people. I need scripture citations and quotes supporting arguments on either side. Further instructions for this order: I am emphasizing the importance of this document being for a scriptural class it needs to follow this closely. Also the paper description for this is in the syllabus attached under the term 10-12 page paper. Mine is 10 but I only orderd 9 pages so I can edit and add where need be. Follow the basic outline I have attached it has a general direction and the main focus points it just needs all the content and additional reasoning. I would like to be called by the writer later in the week or tomorrow possibly to discuss. Thanks source..
Religious Male Circumcision With Respect To Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Male circumcision is practiced as a religious rite which generally occurs shortly after birth, during childhood and around puberty. Circumcision is prevalent in Judaism and Islam, but also practiced in predominantly Christian religion. Male circumcision is also widely practiced for medical reasons where religious circumcision is comparatively rare. The religious circumcision is practiced as a rite of passage found in the Hebrew bible as part of Abrahamic covenant, and as such it is practiced therefore by Jews, Muslims and Christians as they constitute the Abrahamic religions. This essay will examine how the three major religions perceive male circumcision and comparison of the different that disapproves circumcision.
Circumcision Historical Background
There is no certainty of the male circumcision origin, but there are suggestions that the procedure could have originated from Egypt and spread throughout the heliolithic cultures during prehistoric migration. This evidence is depicted in Egyptian mummies and carvings of circumcision dating more than 6000 years. This procedure was performed to improve the male hygiene before the biblical times. The circumcision of male infants came later as part of the Abrahamic covenant with God giving rise to religious circumcision that continues to date in the Jewish and Muslim faiths. The circumcision of male infant is currently advocated by the western culture as a preventive health measure.
Circumcision is usually performed for social, religious and health reasons. The procedure has been suggested that in was performed in the 19th century as a means of preventing masturbation and tuberculosis, but many lobbyists have advocated against the procedure. Currently, the male circumcision is performed as a routine procedure by the Jews and Muslims for religious reasons and a customary in some Oriental Orthodox and Christian churches in Africa. The prevalence of male circumcision in world is about 33% in the US Canada and Islamic people in Africa, but the prevalence is low in Europe about 1.5% due to high debate of its ethics, law and the different roles of the procedure (Totaro, Volpe and Racioppi). Male circumcision is practiced as a protective measure currently and the improvement of hygienically conditions.
Circumcision in Judaism
The ritual circumcision of the male children is a commandment from God according to the Jewish law which all Jews are obligated to follow. This ritual is only postponed in cases of threat to the life of the child. Jews do not believe that non-Jews are obligated to follow this commandment since only the Noahide laws that apply to non-Jews. Sabbath and circumcision offer a symbolic characteristic of the Jewish people to hold fast to the covenant with God.
Circumcision of the Jews is the removal of the inner epithelium in a procedure they...
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