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Religions: Cultural backgrounds (Term Paper Sample)

This is for an anthropology class, (The Anthropology of Religion, Magic, and Witchcraft). The paper will be focused on one or two closely related and comparable local S. Florida religious performance(s)or ritual(s). The student needs to demonstrate comprehension of the existence of various perspectives associated with different religious/spiritual subjects and diverse cultural backgrounds. I was going to compare Roman Catholic religion with Judaism. 10 pages, double spaced "NO QUOTES" source..

Religion is a precise system concerning a deity and it often involves a code of ethics, rituals as well as a philosophy of life. It can also be known as faith in a supernatural power, which bears control of human destiny. Different people from all over the world believe in distinguished deities. The groups, systems and practices that people term as religious are very diverse, to a point that combining them to one definition is a challenge. In South Florida, various religion performances or rituals people practice. There is a large population of the immigrants from different parts of the world that have influenced cultural and religious practices (Carroll, 2002). The Roman Catholic religion and Judaism are some of the religious practices that exist in South Florida. Florida State`s largest denomination is the Roman Catholicism, although there is a quite a number of Jewish community in South Florida. These religions are also comparable as well as related in some ways.
The Cultural Background of the Roman Catholic Religion
Roman Catholic religion is a tradition that contains around 1.1 billion members. Catholicism is the most popular religion that exists in the world; particularly dominates some states like South Florida. On tracing the history of Catholicism, it started at the times of Jesus of Nazareth who is considered as an itinerant preacher, who reached around the city of Jerusalem during the Roman occupation period in the Common eras of the early thirties. The members of its congregation meet in a spiritual union of churches that are led by bishops. The origin of the role of bishops is traced from the disciples of Jesus. Several decades had passed after the life of Jesus, his death, as well as his resurrection and the bishops took up the role of spreading out to form a universal church. In addition, the Rome bishop according to apostle peter`s trace is said to be the most supreme (Carroll, 2002).
Currently, the Vatican City and especially the Saint Peter`s Basilica is said to stand upon the grave of Peter, while the pope is regarded as the successor of Peter. Originally, Christian religion was persecuted religious community, which was considered illegal in the whole Empire of Rome in the first days of its establishment. Fortunately, it was made legal after three hundred years after, through the dialogue of Emperor Constantine and was eventually given recognition of an official religion of the same Empire. With the fall and decline of Rome in the fifth century, the Church of Rome assumed both spiritual and temporal power in the West. Therefore, it bears enormous control on the expansion of the culture and art of the world in the West, via the middle Ages. Currently its growth is considered fastest in Asia, Africa as well as the South America. In fact, the Roman Catholic religion or rather Christianity is the largest in population all over the world. Yet, the...
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