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US Citizenship and Immigration Services (Essay Sample)


“Why I want to become a member of the Department Of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Team”
https://www(dot)uscis(dot)gov/about-us/careers-uscis (Website)
Responsibilities of the position: As a participant in the Pathways Recent Graduates Program, you will receive both formal and on-the-job training to develop the required knowledge and skill to successfully perform the responsibilities of the position. Grant or deny complex and highly sensitive applications and petitions for immigration benefits based on electronic or paper applications/petitions. Research, interpret and apply appropriate statutes, regulations, and precedent decisions to make adjudicative decisions. Interview applicants and petitioners to elicit statements, assess credibility and analyze information to identify facts that form the basis for a decision concerning eligibility for immigration benefits. Conduct security checks and provide assistance to Federal law enforcement agencies to identify individuals who are ineligible for immigration benefits due to national security, public safety, or other legal grounds. Use electronic systems to provide verification of any number of established data points to make adjudicative decisions, determine the appropriate level of adjudicative review, and update databases with appropriate information and decisions.
My Background: Veteran (Military Police), Psychology Major (Master's Level), Volunteer experience working with homeless veterans and assisted veterans who were inpatients who might need assistance with navigating there SMART TVs need to be transported around the hospital, need social services.
This needs to be under 800 words, I would like something between 600-700
Any questions please ask. I know it's a limited time frame was given 24 hours to complete


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Due Date
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Few people in life get to do that which they love. Ever since I became aware of who I am, I have wanted to do something that drives me closer to people. This to me brings the utmost satisfaction. Working as an Immigration Services Officer offers one the opportunity to participate in citizenship as well as outreaches. So, one is giving back to his country and also helping people. One thing I believe this world need is people who are conscious of who they are and the needs of those around them. Therefore, for me, becoming a member of the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Team will help me offer solutions to our immigration problems while also presenting me with the opportunity to interact and help people in the different ways my position allows me.
One of the skills required for an Immigration Services Officer is active listening and to a great extent counselling. Dealing with people is not easy especially people who believe you hold their future in your hands. So, one needs to make sure they are ready for the challenge and my time volunteering helped me amass some counselling experience. Additionally, while volunteering, meeting hostile and frustrated individuals was a daily occurrence. Life had dealt many people a bad hand and many used to let out these frustrations in different ways. My responsibilities involved deescalating the situation and helping calm these individ

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