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Peer Review on Quasi-Experiment Variables And Design (Essay Sample)


questions one and two answer with 125 words each, 6-1 & 6-2 answer with 150 words for a total of 550 questions one and two need peer reviewed journal articles plus the book 6-1 and 6-2 need two scholarly references it is all in the instructions. I need in text citations for all please label so I will know what you are answered title and a reference page all informations must be apa format. I need in 10 days . I have added information from articles and the book information please take what you ned and you might have your own peer review journals


Peer review short answers
Peer review short answers
Question 1
Quasi-experiment design and variables are important since they aid in the testing hypothesis. The quasi-experiment variables and design are distinguished by the lack of a random assignment (Sheperis, Young & Harry, 2010). The comparison is using self-selection, where participants select treatment for themselves or administrator selection by officials. The variables and designs identify a comparison group, which is similar to the treatment category regarding baseline (White &Sabarwal, 2014). Examples of quasi-experiment design and variables are the natural experiment or trend analysis. The approach would be appropriate when an individual is performing a matching test. For example studying the effects of a new police plan in an area, one would try to use a similar town in the same geographic region. That others are must have citizen demographics that are the same with the experimental area.
Question 2
The primary role of action research is to forge a direct connection between intellectual knowledge and personal and social action. It aims at opening communication spaces where individuals can express their feeling freely and engage in cycles of action and reflection. The research also identifies conditions and effects of different forms of social action (Coghlan and Brannick, 2011). Action research contributes directly to the prosperity of the people, their communities, and their environment. Moreover, the research entails two faces where one is practical, and the other is philosophical and political. Practical face aims at giving processes of inquiry that are important to people in the everyday behavior of their lives. Philosophical and political ensures that knowledge taken is philosophically sound, invoking, and pragmatic.
Part 6-1
Planning a client satisfaction evaluation is not easy, but with the right planning and availability of the right resources, it becomes an easy task (Verhaeghe, Bra...
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