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Module 4 Assignment: Midterm Exam Preparation (Essay Sample)


In preparation for taking your midterm exam, please consider all of the materials you have covered in this course during Modules 1 - 3 (i.e., discussion questions, text readings, projects, etc.). Post at least 1 question that you are unclear of and would like to receive feedback from your instructor on. This is a graded assignment.


Module 4 Midterm Exam Preparation
Classical Conditioning
1. I need to understand how classical conditioning works. For instance, what is the role of environment and how do environment control physiological responses?
2. One of my friends recently got an A in his midterm exams, and he insisted that whenever he uses his green pen, he will pass his exams. He believes that the pen makes him pass his exams. How can conditioning explain his superstitious behavior? (Nichols & Bongiorno, 2013).
3. What do we call a process where reinforcement is used to generate a response gradually until the desired response is achieved?
4. When applying operant conditioning, can we assume that the response will only occur when a specific stimulus is present? (Nichols & Bongiorno, 2013).
5. How can you know that an association has been formed during classical conditioning?
6. Is it true that a stimulus can cause ...
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