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Psychopharmacology - Research Psychology Essay Paper (Essay Sample)



For your final paper, you are to choose any disorder covered in this course and the DSM-5. You will be researching the psychological, neurological, biochemical, genetic, environmental and socio-cultural aspects of the disorder you choose, with specific regard to psychopharmacological intervention.
Your paper should be 10 pages plus a title and reference page
Your paper must include all of the following:

1. Disorder: Define and describe the clinical symptoms that manifest with this disorder
2. Etiology of the disorder: Describe the known and potential contributing factors of this disorder, your discussion must include the proposed neurological and biochemical underpinnings of the disorder (although these may be theoretical). Your discussion must include both genetic and epigenetic variables. Environmental & sociocultural factors relevant to the disorder (e.g., increased incidence rate, etc.) must be included in your discussion.
3. Treatment- Part 1: Describe what evidence-based research has shown to be the most effective psychopharmacologic intervention for this disorder and discuss any controversies in psychopharmacology which may influence the pharmacologic treatment of this disorder.
4. Treatment- Part 2: Describe what evidence-based research has been shown to be the most effective psychotherapeutic intervention for this disorder.
5. Research gaps: Illustrate an advanced understanding of the biological underpinnings and psychopharmacologic approaches to the treatment of this disorder by discussing gaps in what is known about the disorder and psychopharmacologic treatment of this disorder and future directions for science. Additional research may help you to identify clinical trials currently in progress to address the psychopharmacologic treatment of this disorder.


Pharmacology of Autism
Due Date
Pharmacology of Autism
Autism is defined as a developmental and neurobiological disorder that results in lifetime disability and has these core clinical features that include impairment in social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and repetitive as well as stereotyped patterns of behavior and activities. Autism is also associated with co-existing neuropsychiatric disorders that include seizure disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, anxiety as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder. Autism is often associated with different problematic behaviors that include self-injurious behaviors (SIB) alongside aggression that is harmful to patients and those around them. In this case, such physical disorder interrupts the normal functioning of the brain that eventually leads to drastic and significant behavior changes (Di Martino et al., 2014).
Etiology of the disorder
The etiology of autism spectrum disorder is widely debated over several years. According to research over the decades, there are suggestions that autism may be a result of genetic or environmental factors. Kern et al (2015), proposes that autism may be caused by a combination of the three factors that include; genetic factors, environmental factors as well as neurological development. The neurological underpinning that associated with autism involves the greater brain volume. In this case, the overgrowth of the early brain alongside related dysfunction provides the strongest evidence within the prefrontal cortex. Some of the overgrowth is identified within the regional gray and white matter that includes the temporary cortex as well as the amygdala. 

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