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Lesson 8 Long Reflection. The Sense of Community. Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to help you gain a deeper understanding of sense of community and its relationship to other community psychology concepts, through reflection on your Community Service-Learning placement. For this assignment you will choose a specific experience or situation from your placement that relates to sense of community. This experience could be an event, incident, observation, conversation, program activity, etc. and could be either positive or negative.
In your reflection paper:
Describe the experience/situation in some detail (e.g., What happened? What led up to the event? Who was involved? Where did it happen?)
Reflect on your feelings about the experience (e.g., Where were you surprised? Frustrated? Bored? Energized? Touched? Why?)
Analyze how the experience relates to sense of community (e.g., Which elements of sense of community are most relevant? How are they relevant? At what level(s) of analysis are they relevant?)
Examine how the experience reflects at least one challenge or complexity of sense of community (e.g., negative sense of community, myth of “we”, conflict and change), and relate this challenge/complexity to at least one other community psychology concept or value
Discuss what might be done to address this challenge/complexity in the future, or how the situation might be used to inform future practice, programs, or policies
The paper should be written in the first-person voice (i.e., use “I”), should be a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of 700 words*.
Information to use when writing essay:
My Community Service-Learning placement = catholic elementary school in a kindergarten classroom. Children of all races, religions, and abilities. ex. two children have autism so finding ways to interact and connect with them can be a challenge but a rewarding one.


The Sense of Community
Students Name:
Courser Title:
My community service-learning placement was in a catholic kindergarten school. The school was missionary led and sought to provide asylum to children facing abuse or difficulties and also provide a platform for them to mingle with other children from normal families so they feel comfortable. The school is a mixture of kids from all religions, abilities and races. I was especially dealing with children with disabilities and the placement program enabled me to learn about community psychology and understand the sense of community.
From the placement, my most challenging experience was handling children with autism. It was very difficult trying to connect and interact with them. The children living with autism have certain challenges such as mood instabilities, seeking or avoiding sensory impulses like touch, and poor physical fitness. In one case, one of the autistic children, John, started crying and throwing tantrums in the field during a physical exercise class and the teacher was scolding him for misbehaving which made things worse. Apparently John was not very physically fit and the teacher thinking he was helping lifted him up and started pushing him to do the exercises while he held the child

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