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Cooperative Learning Lesson Plan. Psychology Essay (Essay Sample)


I am using O'Donnell, Reeves & Smith, Educational Psychology Reflection for Action,3rd edition

Module 4 Essay
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For the follow essay, please respond to the following topic. Be sure to use APA style and cite all references, 600 words minimum. 
Search the Web for a lesson plan that uses cooperative learning (review chapter 9). You might find it useful if you select a plan that focuses on a grade level and content-area in which you would be interested in teaching. Recall from the textbook that cooperative learning has five basic elements: positive interdependence, face-to-face promotive interaction, individual accountability and personal responsibility, interpersonal and small-group skills, and group processing. Describe how your lesson plan addresses each element. If an element is missing or deficient in regard to one or more elements, make a suggestion for improvement.


Cooperative Learning Lesson Plan
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Cooperative Learning Lesson Plan
Cooperative learning refers to an instructional strategy that teachers use to instill knowledge to students. In most cases, the teacher provides relevant materials to learners based on the topic of discussion and subdivide students into small groups of about three to four learners. Students are expected to work together on a specific common activity, which they are assigned by their teacher. In other words, cooperative learning enables learners to own the curriculum, and it reduces the teacher’s workload. However, the teacher must prepare adequately before the class starts to ensure that his or her expectations are met through the activities that he or she assigns to students. The five basic elements of a cooperative learning lesson plan are group processing, positive interdependence, face-to-face promotive interaction, small-group and interpersonal skills, and personal responsibility and individual accountability. The paper focuses on how the above five aspects of cooperative learning are met in a lesson plan of the first form where the teacher taught about a topic of an ecosystem with a subtopic being food chains.
Positive Interdependence
In the cooperative learning lesson plan at hand, the teacher’s primary objectives were for students to know what a food chain is and be able to identify the consumer, producer, and decomposer. 

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