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Project Management Report concerning Work-Place Placement (Essay Sample)


Think of a project that you have previously been a part of at a past or current place of employment, and imagine that you were appointed the project manager.
Describe the process you and your project team would follow for closing the project.
Develop a “Lesson Learned” document for your organization and for your project stakeholders. This document must include what went well, what went wrong, and suggestions for improvement in future projects.
Discuss how you would adjourn your team in a manner that would encourage them to want to work with you in future projects.
Your paper should consist of at least four pages utilizing APA formatting. Your textbook can be a source, but include a minimum of at least two additional sources that support your ideas, thoughts, and theories.


Project Management Report concerning Work-Place Placement
Author’s Name
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Project Management Report regarding Work-Place Placement
Intense research introduces the researcher with an enhanced review of his/her searches. It has been analyzed by past literature that research enables the researcher in developing a delated view about the discipline he/she has been reviewing (Grover & Froese, 2016). In the same manner, my vision about project management has been enhanced and I was introduced to several fundamentals of project management. For instance, I have been exposed to fundamentals like the plan, execute, control, manage risk, analyze variance, associate a team, determine deliverance, and close a project. Prior to research, I believed that project management is similar to the management of a business. However, my studies have changed my view of project management. In association, this part represents the learning that I have received with the researches and review made by me in the discipline of project management.
Learned Lesson
At the start, I have learned that project management is a systemic process that turns ideas into actions. Then, I analyzed that unlike organizational management, project management is developed for a single purpose. Moreover, I discovered that project management is far more than just planning and execution of activities. The induction of actions like scheduling, sequencing, controlling the risk and mitigating changes in the executions are some special features that differentiate project management from organizational management (Turner, 2014). Moreover, the importance of each fundamental is also a crucial fact that is obliged to be understood by the project manager. Similarly, the association of team and other stakeholders requires keen attention as well. Throughout my research, I have encountered the following filaments of a project management
Setting the Project Management Plan
At initiation, a project management plan is essential to be developed. A project management plan is composed of objective, initiation, executions strategies, control and closing strategies (Grover & Froese, 2016). Before this research, I have not viewed project management as an intense system with diverse actions. However, the research has exposed me to an in-depth analysis of the project management profession. Setting an objective and scope of the project is the foremost step as it determines and guides the following fundamentals (Turner, 2014). I have analyzed that the scope of the project enables the managers to strategize activities, list resources, and estimate costs. More, estimation of delivery is also showcased by the scope and objective of the study. Later on, the plans to accomplish the set objectives are to be set. Eventually, it was observed that execution with evaluation and control is practiced by the entire project management team.
Development Plan
So far I have figured it out that to represent the management plan the best way is to design a development plan. A development plan is a tabular representation of objectives, strategies, estimated duration and cost, rationale and impact of activities of a project (Schwindt & Zimmermann, 2015). Concerning this, I found that three major filaments need to be considered in designing a developmental plan. Firstly, the objective of achievable measures for the project is to be demonstrated. Then, possible activities for the accomplishment of the project goals are to be listed. Finally, the duration and prioritization of every activity are to be highlighted in a development plan.
Project Management Team
After composing the development plan, the development of an effective project ...

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