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Tolerance to Embracement Management Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Write up a one page paper - double spaced - 12 font Times Roman - where you discuss lessons learned.


From Tolerance to Embracement
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From Tolerance to Embracement
"From Tolerance to Embracement" is a talk about on comfort zone; it explains what comfort zone is, why people stay in their comfort zone, and why we expand it. The talk was presented by Mia in 2017 during a TEDxYouth event that was held at Hamber School in 2017. Mia based the talk on her personal experience and journey living in a comfort zone and how she eventually overcame it. Many people tolerate the comfort zone because of a lack of willingness to embrace change in their life.
Mia’s early life and struggle with living in the comfort zone reflects comfort zone as one’s lack of will to adapt to change. The comfort zone makes people want to interact only with people with similar traits to theirs, a character that Mia struggled with for a long time (TEDx Talks, 2017). The character also entails people wanting only to interact with the people they know, do only things that they know, and do what they have confidence in doing. Therefore, it limits people from exploring new opportunities, interacting with new people, or trying out new things. 
The talk also shows that people stay in the comfort zone due to shyness as th

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