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Week III Case Study. Answer the questions. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


please reference the book Jacobs, F. R. & Chase, R. B. (2018). Operations management for competitive advantage. Boston: Mc-Graw Hill. Your responses should be complete but succinct. Use APA format. 


Super Quiz
1 Three terms commonly used to refer to a layout where similar equipment or functions are grouped together.
2 A layout where the work to make an item is arranged in progressive steps and work is moved between the steps at fixed intervals of time.
3 A measure used to evaluate a workcenter layout.
4 This is a way to shorten the cycle time for an assembly line that has a task time that is longer than the desired cycle time. Assume that it is not possible to speed up the task, split the task, use overtime, or redesign the task.
This involves scheduling several different models of a product to be produced over a given day or week on the same line in a cyclical fashion.
If you wanted to produce 20 percent of one product (A), 50 percent of another (B), and 30 percent of a third product (C) in a cyclic fashion, what schedule would you suggest?
A term used to refer to the physical surroundings in which a service takes place and how these surroundings affect customers and employees.
A firm is using an assembly line and needs to produce 500 units during an eight-hour day. What is the required cycle time in seconds?


Case Study
Question 1
The cycle time that is taken to assemble one notebook is 2 minutes
Cycle time is production time per day/output per day
The assembly line operates at seven and a half hours per day
The 2 minutes should be converted to 120 seconds

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