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Networking Relationships (Essay Sample)


Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that evaluates the recommendations you received, and those you did not.
Consider the following:
Who did you reach out to and what is their relation to you?
Who responded and what did they have to say?
Was there anything in the recommendation you felt was missing?
Who did not respond?Is there a reason why they might not have responded?
What did this assignment teach you about your professional relationships with current or previous employers or supervisors?
What can you do to strengthen weak professional relationships?


Networking Relationships
Author Name
Institution Affiliation
Who did you reach out to and what is their relation to you?
Dr. Charles Woods was the person I had to reach out to, and he was the referring teacher in this project. Active networking is integral for career growth, and it involves meeting new people and getting a chance to know more about their interests. However, Dr. Charles Woods was absent when it comes to knowing how to proceed with the learning process, and this gave me a lot of trouble and pressure of working alone. I think that he was better to guide us on how to work with colleagues, members of a group and business connections to ensure success, but we were left helpless and could not form a strong network.
Who responded and what did they have to say?
Besides Dr. Charles Woods, everyone was quick at responding. The entire team of teachers taught us the value of getting noticed and being visible in a network. They made me and my fellows understand that networking is the key to a successful career and that attending social and professional events regularly would help our face known. One can quickly build a reputation by being supportive and reliable and by joining a network of knowledgeable and skilled individuals. I understand that it will be difficult for me to establish a network of reliable people, but with time, I will master the skills as I have been given enough tips on how to convince people to be a part of my network.
Was there anything in the recommendation you felt was missing?
I think that expanding one’s contacts can open the door to a whole new world and personal growth, but in the recommendation, we were not given any information on how to expand our net

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