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MGT 407 The Five Steps Of The Cycle Of Excellence. Management Essay (Essay Sample)


According to Hallowell (2011), there are five steps to igniting peak performance in an organization. He calls the steps the Cycle of Excellence:
Step •/—Select: Putting people into the right jobs so that their brains light up.
Step 2—Connect: Overcoming the potent forces that disconnect people in the workplace both from each other and from the mission of the organization, and restoring the force of positive connection, which is the most powerful fuel for peak performance.
Step 3—Play: Play, or imaginative engagement, catalyzes advanced work, and managers can help people tap into this phenomenally productive yet undervalued activity of the mind.
Step 4—Grapple and grow: Managers can create conditions where people want to work hard, and employees making progress at a task that is challenging and important turns ordinary performers into superstars and increases commitment.
Step 5— Shine: Doing well—shining—feels good, so giving recognition and noticing when a person shines is critical, and a culture that helps people shine inevitably becomes a culture of self-perpetuating excellence.
The five steps of the Cycle of Excellence provide a novel approach to maximizing peak performance.
Reference: Hallowell, E M. (2011). Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People. Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review.


uraw on tne material in tne oacKgrouno reaaings ana ao additional researcn to prepare a magazine article in which you do the following:
Analyze the five steps of the Cycle of Excellence and discuss the added value of using the Cycle of Excellence.
Critique Hallowell’s Cycle of Excellence and use it as a starting point to create your own cycle of excellence. Share real-world employer examples (by employer name).
Discuss how the cycle of excellence you have developed is the optimum approach for managing human capital.
The magazine article you are writing should be similar to an article you might find in TD: Talent Development (magazine of the Association for Talent Development) or in HR Magazine (magazine for the Society for Human Resource Management, SHRM). Both are found in the Trident Online Library.
Utilize at least three other reference sources to build your article. Cite sources within your paragraphs and include them in a References list at the end of your article. (Note: Even though practitioner magazine articles at times do not cite sources or have a reference section, they are needed for our academic purposes. See the Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper for additional information.• Include a cover page and a reference page.


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Analyze the five steps of the Cycle of Excellence and discuss the added value of using the Cycle of Excellence.
Edward M. Hallowell (2011) created the Cycle of Excellence in order to highlight how managers can draw the most from their talent. There are five core steps of this cycle: select, connect, play, grab and grow, and shine (Helstrom & Green, 2010). The first step is selecting the right people, and this seems to be an important step; if responsible, qualified and experienced people are chosen, then it will be easy to assign them varying tasks to light up their brains. The second step is building connections; this is meant to strengthen the relationships of the team members. In the third step, it is said that employees should be helped to unleash their imaginations during office hours. The fourth step involves the use of different techniques to enable workers to get the best and accurate results. They are sometimes kept under the pressure for this purpose and are helped gain more and more experience. Finally, they will begin shining as bright stars if they are given rewards or bonuses based on their performance. Those whose performance is below the average must be asked to work harder in the future, and those who have had given outstanding performance should be given great rewards. I believe that this cycle can and should be used by all employers who are looking to bring their companies to the peaks of success.

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