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Education Planner: The Best Method To Address The Way You Learn (Essay Sample)


For this option, you will explore different learning styles. First, complete the following assessment: http://www(dot)educationplanner(dot)org/students/self-assessments/learning-styles-quiz.shtml. Once you are finished with the assessment, write a one to two-page paper (not including the title page and reference page) that discusses your learning style. What is the best method to address the way that you learn? Include research that supports your learning style and the best ways to approach your learning.

Education Planner Name Institutional Affiliation Education Planner Learning styles among students largely determine their success in academics. Students adopt varied learning styles according to their orientation and preferences. The learning styles can be classified into auditory, visual and tactile styles for self-assessment. Auditory learners learn by hearing and listening. Visual learners learn by reading and studying pictures. A tactile learner, on the other hand, learns by doing and touching. Among the three learning styles, visual learning style best addresses my learning style. The following essay seeks to discuss visual learning style and its effectiveness to the learners. Learners need to see things and not just hear things to learn well. Visual learners highly utilize their sight in the learning process (Sellors, 2018). Therefore, these learners need to position themselves near the front of the classroom to learn better. Their eyesight is very crucial, thus it requires regular checkups. Integration of flashcards to learn new words promotes learning. Moreover, drawing pictures to explain new concepts allows efficient learning. Visual learning requires one to understand colors and their meanings. Certainly, it is important to write keywords, ideas, and instructions for reference (Sellors, 2018). A visual learner finds pleasure in stories that are full of imagery. Visual learning requires a good spatial sense that provides a sense of direction. It is easy for learners of this type to use maps, thus they hardly get lost. Visual learners may find it hard to comprehend written information (Hatami, 2012). Therefore, drawing maps of events in history or scientific processes are more practical. They prefer watching videos to understand information. They also focus on the organization of information by creating charts or graphs from handouts. In conclusion, understanding your learning style simplifies studying and retaining information. Smart visual learners save time by processing information quickly. Pictures, images, colors and other vis...
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