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Social Media Accountability: Kathleen Edward Case of Cyber Bullying (Essay Sample)


For this Discussion, select one of the following cases: Kathleen Edward or Philip Markoff. Review the case you selected and consider the potential accountability of the Internet site (Facebook or Craigslist) for the crime committed.


Social Media Accountability
Institutional Affiliation
Social Media Accountability
The increased social network in the society requires proper regulation to ensure that the rights and freedom of individuals are protected. In the recent past, there are increasing cases of cyber bullying due to the reduced accountability levels of the users and social network owners. According to Henson, Reyns and Fisher (2011), the protection of private information that is submitted to social media is essential in ensuring that there are reduced cases of cyber bullying. Kathleen Edward is a victim of cyber bullying where her neighbor Jennifer Petkov posted hateful messages on her Facebook page which negatively impacted the health of the Kathleen Edward.
Kathleen Edward Case of Cyber Bullying
It is essential for the government to focus on social network security for a social and economic progress in the nation. The hateful messages that are spread on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram require being censored to reduce the adverse effects of the posts. According to Hunter (2010), Kathleen Edward was terminally ill and the neighbor Petkov posted a picture that was highly offensive. The post showed two bones crossed and a message that she couldn't wait for the young girl to die. Petkov indicated that she abused the girl as a form of personal sati

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