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What Is The Ethical Issue Discussed In Your Snapshot? (Essay Sample)


Due: Saturday, November 18 by 11:59 PM
For one of the ethical issues we've discussed (or will discuss) in class, you must find an example of the issue at play in real life and answer a set of questions. Whatever medium you choose (e.g. a news article, blog post, video, case study, etc.), it should present an argument on the ethical issue(s) discussed.
Submission Instruction
Cut & paste the questions below into the assignment text-entry box in Canvas and type your answers there.
You MUST include the item about which you are writing. You may either:
Upload it as an attachment (doc, docx, or pdf formats only)
Paste a web link to it into your completed assignment
If it is in hard copy only, you should scan & upload it as a PDF or give it to me in class.
Answer the following questions about the snapshot you chose.
What is the ethical issue discussed in your snapshot?
What is the author's primary stance on this issue?
What morally relevant features and/or facts of the debated issue does the author primarily focus on?
Do you see any other morally relevant features or facts that he/she ignores or should have included?
What is the strongest part(s) of the argument? Support your answer.
What is the weakest part(s) of the argument or explanation? Support your answer.
What is your personal response to this article?


Ethical Snapshot

What is the ethical issue discussed in your snapshot?

The ethical issue discussed in the snapshot is intimidation or harassment at the workplace. It also explains how the affected persons can deal with bullying in the workplace (Smith 1).
What is the author’s primary stance on this issue?

The author states that for the past few years workplace harassment has been the topic for many people. According to statistics, more than thirty percent of employees have been victims of workplace bullying. 

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