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The Concept of Kaizen. Management Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


Please follow the requirements of the kaizen project. And our text book is "operations management 5th edition(Reid&Sanders)"


Kaizen Project

This project contains two parts.

Part I - You will research the concept of kaizen, and address the following points:

  1. A summary of kaizen (history/origin);
    2. A summary of its components (e.g., values);
    3. Explain how it feeds into other OM elements discussed in MGT 3540 (e.g., lean, processes, quality, effectiveness, efficiency, people, etc.). Be specific and be bountiful; 
    4. Provide specific examples of its past and current usage (across multiple industries);
    5. Explain the challenge(s) of adopting kaizen (e.g., organizational culture);
    6. Can it be adopted by any organization or any industry? Explain and provide specific examples.

Part II -  Apply kaizen to your personal and spiritual life, creating a personal spiritual kaizen event. How do the concepts of kaizen apply to you as an individual and Christian? Perhaps as a student, friend, leader, mentor? Be specific in how you could apply kaizen to your life.  

This project should be no less than eight full pages of actual content (excluding title page, abstract, graphs/figures/charts, and reference page) and no more than 10 pages; should contain a minimum of 10 sources, of which a minimum of six come from academic/scholarly sources (e.g., journals); and should adhere to APA formatting.



Graphic obtained from  www(dot)lucidchart(dot)com/blog/kaizen-methodology

Graphic obtained from  www(dot)6sigma(dot)us/kaizen/the-kaizen-mindset-forever/



The Concept of Kaizen
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
The Concept of Kaizen
Part I
The concept of Kaizen refers to systematic activities that aim at continuous improvement of company functions. The emphasis in this concept is the need to involve all employees at every level of management down to the subordinates for the purposes of continuous improvement. The principle also relates to consumer-oriented strategy. In this case, the underlying principle that guarantees inclusiveness, continuous evolution of the entire organization. Further, it involves the empowerment of cross-functional teams that challenges the status quo that reflects the principles of efficient customer experience management. The principle of Kaizen makes an assumption on the fact that the manager of a particular task should have the most knowledge concerning the task. In this case, exposing them to the responsibility of continuous improvement concerning the task, there is possibly a transfer of ownership directly to those executing the task who ensures involvement of the entire organization (Desai and Mokashi, 2018).

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