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Case Study: Opening Your New Dunkin’ Donuts Locations (Essay Sample)


Congratulations! You have just been promoted to district manager! The Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee sees your growth potential and the growth potential in your geographic area. The owner now has committed significant capital and plans to open five new locations over the next two years. You will be given complete autonomy, authority, and responsibility to structure, staff, and operate these five new locations. You will be playing a key role in this expansion for growth.
For this assignment, you will prepare a four to five-page paper in which you explain your chosen job design and organizational design as the new District Manager for Dunkin’ Donuts.Must use at least three scholarly, peer-reviewed, and/or credible sources in addition to the course text.
The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types. I
Must document any information used from sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.) guide.
Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style


Dunkin’ Donuts.
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Case Study: Opening Your New Dunkin' Donuts Locations
As the freshly appointed director at the firm, I am prepared and able to build, program, and structure the inspiration of workers for every one of the five new institutions of Dunkin' Donuts. My objective and first purpose are to extend the money and monetary gains from every division unit and make sure that I produce five further legacies to the status name of Dunkin' Donuts. This text seeks to investigate the task and structure style of the franchise, wherever job styles for workers are going to be examined for the managers at the unit, the crew members and bakers further as the other worker operating with Dunkin' Donuts.
Job Design.
To obtain a standard and effective job design for the company, three steps should be followed; job analysis, job description, and job specification. The job design for the company is effected when the managers chose and determined the activities and tasks that should be completed before a particular timeframe, the individuals who will achieve them and the select method of performing such operations as well the purposes of selecting the employees perfect for the job (Baack, Reilly, & Minnick, 2014). In this context, I will use job analysis, description, and specification to elucidate the job design for the five new divisions of the company in the select districts.
Job Analysis.
The individuals who will be responsible for determining and assigning new tasks for the new establishments will be the members of the human resource department with assistance from specific departmental managers. Also, since the job design for Dunkin' Donuts is in great shape, I will need the help of the three concepts of job analysis, which are the comparison, thoughtful planning, and extermination. Instead, I will only use where each unit will comprise 6 to 9 employees per shift. One of the employees will be the branch manager; another one will be the shift leader, whereas others will be ordinary employees tasked with the responsibilities of baking and ensuring customer satisfaction. In this case, the rest of the employees will be serving food, running the sales and housekeeping having been screened for qualification in their successful tasks of preparing donuts, frozen meals, necessary junk food, and coffee as well as handling cash and sales registers with the utmost ease.
There will be a rehearsal before the actual activities in case of sick call-ins and busy hours. In this model, the employees will be assigned to work at their specific areas of full qualification such as preparing donuts and filling handling cash registers only. This will allow me to pick out individuals who can be streamlined to work in other related stations duplicate to their qualifications. The objective of this task division model is to ensure no station goes unattended, reduce the work of overloaded positions, and add tasks to stations that are figuratively under loaded.
Job Description.
For the job description of the new locations, I will utilize the Dunkin' Donut's current model of management, bakers, and crew members. In the company, these positions are entry-level skill positions where one will be working as customer servers filling their orders, serving drinks, preparing donuts and frozen foods and other tasks (Dunkin” Donuts, Careers/positions/baker-finisher, 2014). Therefore, for one to get the job, the applicants should have the primary professional skills for the position, demonstrate their full willingness to operate under the organizational culture of the firm and interact with customers at a personal level, but professionally, to ensure that they co...

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