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New Zealand Police: Hierarchical Structure Of Organization (Essay Sample)


The instruction is in the assignment 3 brief file. The detail about New Zealand Police is in the NZ policy file. The detail about power and influence and the effectiveness of conflict management and influence theory is in the 4 slides. Please read the slides and policy first and write the essay. The essay must be written by information from the slides.


New Zealand Police
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New Zealand Police
The commissioner, who is an appointee of the Governor exercises legitimate power over the Police unit. Legitimate power, also referred to as positional power is derived from the position an individual holds in an organization based on the hierarchical structure of the organization. For the practical exercise of legitimate authority, the person exercising it must earn it rightfully. The fact the commissioner is an appointee of the Governor General means that the power he holds is legitimate. Moreover, because his authority is genuine, he can efficiently exercise his legitimate control over police officers.
An inquiry into the culture of the police officers in New Zealand reveals that they apply coercive power over the citizens. Coercive power emanates from the police officers use of their authority to somewhat intimidate victims of sexual abuse. Victims who have suffered sexual abuse from police officers are coerced to remain silent. However, some chose to report the incidents to the higher-ranking police officers, who do not also act on the cases. Additionally, the police officers also exercise referent power within themselves. Referent power is manifested when people who work together cultivate interpersonal relationships among themselves. In the New Zealand Police, the officers develop strong bonds because of the dangers they face in the execution of their duties. Consequently, when some of the officers are accused of sexual indecency, their colleagues exhibit loyalty to their colleagues rather than to the organization or the public by maintaining silence. Moreover, the police officers present elements of expert power. The fact that they are highly regarded in society creates the assumption within the police force that whatever activities they engage in when off duty is their business.
Power is the capacity of a person, a team, or an organization to influence others. In dealing with the problems withi

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