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Introduction to Operations Management Management Essay (Essay Sample)


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MODULE CODE: STO200 ELEMENT: C1 MODULE TITLE: Introduction to Operations Management MODULE LEADER: Dr Stephen J Childe REFER TASK: Maximum total length 2000 words. This assignment is to be done individually. Referring to the case study attached, you should develop a proposal to the management for improvements to their operations. Your report should deal with the following areas, always linking your analysis to their competitive requirements as you see them. You should apply appropriate theories and frameworks from the module. For each question you should outline any problems you identify with their current arrangements, and suggest your responses in the form of proposals for improvements. 1. (20 Marks) Examine the company’s competitive position and the MD’s improvement ideas. Consider their required performance and performance measures. Suggest further information that would help analysis of the competitive position and suggest improvements to their strategy. 2. (20 Marks) Evaluate the company’s position with regard to suppliers and purchasing. Suggest improvements. 3. (20 Marks) Examine the company’s manufacturing and distribution operations. Suggest further information that would help analysis of the distribution operations and outline any likely improvements to the company’s manufacturing and distribution operations. 4. (20 Marks) Consider the company’s department structure and organisation, describing their current arrangements and any improved arrangements you propose.


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Operations management governs the supervision of the business practices to uphold an excellent level of efficiency in the organization. It is primarily concerned with raw materials, labor, products, and services. The operations entail changing the raw materials into products that will be distributed to the retailers. The methods of creating the products must be systematic and efficient to obtain maximal profitability CITATION Ken19 \l 1033 (Kenton, 2019).
This department is categorized into teams to balance the costs with revenue. This action will ensure the highest net operating profit. To achieve this, operations managers are responsible for handling strategic issues such as the problems in manufacturing plants, strategies in project management, and inventory. Moreover, they are required to monitor the work-in-process from the acquisition of the raw materials to the distribution of the products CITATION Ken19 \l 1033 (Kenton, 2019).
One of its critical functions is to manage the supply chain to ensure a seamless workflow. Thus, coordination with various departments is also an essential task of an operations manager CITATION Ken19 \l 1033 (Kenton, 2019).

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