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Company Overview- Amazon Inc. (Essay Sample)


This assignment is essentially putting into practice the social media improvements for your company.  You already know the issues from Assessment 1, we want to know how you will make things different (for example, grow the company sales, increase loyalty, increase brand awareness etc.)
You need to use the same company that you had approved for Assessment 1.  You are only allowed to change the company under very exceptional circumstances with the lecturers’ permission.
Make this brief, it is not an Executive Summary – tell me the company you are writing for and what this report is about, with the topics to be discussed.  Don’t go into great detail or present research with references here, you do not have enough words.
1.(Your Company Name) Brand
What is the brand awareness in the marketplace?
What is the brand reputation for your company?
You need to base the concept of brand awareness and brand reputation from academic literature.
Compare the awareness and reputation with the competitor firms.
What opportunities exist to improve or grow this?
1.Growth Analysis
How do you using online social media reach larger existing audiences / communities or ones currently not being reached?
You need to discuss what is an audience and/or community from a marketing perspective, using academic literature.
How do you protect against declines or risks to the existing audiences / communities of the company, because of issues/crisis situations?  Use academic references to justify this.
1.Portfolio Examples
You are to create six (6) examples of social media posts.
Discuss recommended channels and why.
Any example posts need to include what would be written, the hashtags to be used, anyone to be tagged and show an example image to be used (this is a mock-up of an actual post).  If it is to be a video clip, how long would it go for, what is the environment to be shown (for example, a dark area in an abandoned house), what would the audio sounds to be used/who is to be talking a male or female, what are the words that are going to be said.
Mention the timing/frequency to be used for a campaign using industry research to justify. 
Mention about the Spam and Privacy Act and any other legislative issues that should perhaps be considered, for example an interstate campaign may have different legislative restrictions on sweepstake campaigns.
If it is an overseas company the overseas legislative alternatives should be considered for any activities/campaigns.
Make a print screen of their policy and post this as an appendix item (you do not need to screenshot the entire policy, just enough of it to prove you have located it on their website). Check their policy and confirm if they are missing any of the things I mentioned last night, you only need to advise which ones are missing by giving the APP number and name, you do not need to write their policy and just explain the importance of it being needed briefly.
Look at current activities and provide print screens of breaches or good practice examples being used by your company.
Briefly state the purpose of the report, conclude the areas mentioned and what was the analysis.
7.1 Appendix A
7.2 Appendix B
7.3 Appendix C
Go on for however many appendix items are needed needed (don’t fill the appendix with information for me to read that you couldn’t fit in the report, it is just an area for me to sight your proof of either data or posts etc).
Use Harvard or APA
you know what you should write , right? Amazon, please see detail, and if you have question let me know


Amazon Inc.
Institution / Affiliation
In the current economic times, customers prefer a brand they distinguish compared to unfamiliar brand. As a result, organizations must create a love for their brands in the minds of the consumers to compete effectively in the marketplace. The willingness of a customer to purchase a product is influenced by many other factors among them brand awareness. Companies and products with a higher level of brand awareness will have a large market share. Therefore, this paper seeks to examine Amazon Inc. brand awareness and reputation, growth analysis and compliance to the spam and privacy laws.
Company overview
Amazon Inc. is by far the largest E-commerce Corporation across the world dwarfing other online retailers such as eBay, Wal-Mart, Google, Ali Baba, Costco Wholesale, Alphabet and Target Corporation in sales, revenue and brand awareness. It is barely the same organization it was in 20 years when the e-commerce was still moderately insignificant industry and the promising online retailer entirely sold books. Today, it is considered as the global most valuable brand, shipping a mind-blogging number of goods to billions of customers around the world. In 2018, for example, the company recorded sales of $ 232 billion that saw the company generate over $10.07 billion compared to $ 1.6 billion in sales in 1999 (Althafairi et al., 2019).
The rapid growth for the company stems from innovative technologies and practices championed by the management. In the United States, Amazon commands a 49% online retail market share equivalent to 5% of all retail spent across the entire country. The company market share surpasses the three major competitors combined; Wal-Mart at 3%, eBay at 4% and Google at 12%. It is estimated that nine in every ten consumers in the United States will check for a product in Amazon. It also has over 95 million people who have enrolled in Amazon Prime memberships. 40% of the prime member spends over $ 1000 yearly in purchasing products and services from the business. In a nutshell, Amazon brand is very familiar among the universal web shoppers with over 90% brand awareness in the United States (Althafairi et al., 2019).
In the modern aggressive environment, brand management is a vital element for corporation particularly with the ever-growing conversations in online platforms such as social media, blogs, and other internet searches (Djukic, 2011). Normally, a positive brand reputation promotes loyalty and customer confidence which helps in increasing sales and growth of a business. Amazon brand is well-positioned as a familiar industry-leading resource and solution for global online consumers. The company has continued to set the bar as an excellent corporate reputation measured under financial performance, customer service and quality of products and services. The company brand reputation can also be attributed to the ability to satisfy stakeholders as well as the corporate social responsibility (Schlosser, 2019).
Amazon growth analysis
Communities and audiences play a vital role in the growth and development of an organization. However, building a community of people that support an organization brand and products takes time, hence an organization must use strategize on tactic that help them reach the audience with ease. Audience is considered as the people who a publication, advertisement or other marketing message targets. Community marketing is a strategy to engage an audience in an active, non-intrusive prospect and customer conversation. Typically, the process of creating communities involves tapping into the passions of an audience and allow them to see your product or brand as part of their daily lives.
Amazon growth and expansion as an ...

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