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Companies And Organization Shift: Innovation Solution (Essay Sample)


Identify an organization where you work or have worked or want to work.
Write 250-500 words (about 1-2 double-spaced pages) with these sections
1. Your assessment of the PA/ML/AI maturity of the organization, including a comparison of your organization’s maturity versus those of others in your industry
2.The most appropriate location for PA/ML/AI work to be undertaken in the organization – and the reasons why you think so
3.Your longer term vision for the deployment of PA/ML/AI in the organization beyond the initial projects
(using the file I upload as resource)
Rubric: completeness of the answers to the questions [40%], evidence of understanding the lifecyle and management of PA/ML/AI projects and initiatives [40%], creativity and business value of long term vision [20%]


Industrial growth has been influenced several factors such as increased knowledge, better economies, increased population, globalization and although there are several others improved technology is one of the major aspects that have led to this increase. In general, technology can be taken as it is and people will value the effects as it is widely spread and well researched. However it has its sensitive and challenging side which include, cost, transition phases, change resistance and when utilizing a certain new technology it is vital and advisable to not that technology may be appropriate and useful today but tomorrow it is rendered absolute. This means an organization should also lay emphasizes on the future as with technology lack of forecasting may result in inefficiency. The business environment landscape will always change as far as we continue advancing technologically, there is continue data science improvement, and emerging technology put leverage. Emerging technology and science such as ML/PA/AI are not only feasible in today's business landscape but also a reality. It is a shift that has companies and organization shift to data science automation and operationalization as there is pressure for business leaders to look for innovation solution and they trying to achieve this through the ML/AL/PA. This paper is going to look at ML/AL/PA based on KFC an organization I would want to work at.
In the fast food industry, KFC is among the major global firms and loved by any with over a thousand outlet worldwide. Use

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