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Is bottling water a good solution to problems of water purity? (Essay Sample)


No need to write the first paragraph and the Last paragraph. Please don't include ABC bottling company for the following paragraphs. The only thing to write is the two paragraphs in the middle, "to be sure....." and "bottled water, despite these issues...." Thank you!


Is Bottling Water A Good Solution To Problems Of Water Purity?
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Is Bottling Water A Good Solution To Problems Of Water Purity?
To be sure, the water industry faces a lot of challenges. The main ones are the affordability and quality of water. With the rapid increase in population, there is a continuous rise in the demand for clean water, while at the same time, increased strain on the sources of water due to human activities. Increased encroachment of catchment areas has constantly proven to be a challenge for the water industry. The other challenge consists of the rules and regulations within a country or a state. When the government passes laws that restrict something, such as working time or lack of fuel price regulation, it also affects bottled water consumption. This is because the two are part of the intricate supply and production chain that needs to be in sync for business to do well. Water quality is essential for a quality life. Quality of water can be determined by how pure that water is and also the mineral content of the water. Water purity is determined from its biological, physical, radiological and chemical characteristics. Pure water should be free from viruses, bacteria, and any other water contaminant. Another issue is the cost of production. The cost of bottled water is high and not affordable for most individuals (Bateman, 2013). Bottling companies use a lot of resources to make the bottles; the cost of manufacturing these bottles is then transferred to the consumer. People consuming bottled water in most cases end up paying for the bottles instead of the water. There is also the other challenge of environmental pollution, from bottled water. Once the water is consumed, the empty bottles are sometimes dumped anywhere, resulting in an eyesore, as well as a threat to the environment. Another challenge of bottled water is the packing. The materials such as plastics used to bottle water can degrade. There is always no cooling mechanism in place during transportation o

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