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Global Environmental Issues: Pollution & Global Warming (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on Global Environmental Issues


Global Environmental Issues
Do you want to write an environmental problem essay? It's safe to mention that the environment plays a vital role in our lives, and in fact, our survival is not possible without the environment. From the air we breathe in the food we eat, everything is possible only when we take care of the environment. On the global level, however, certain issues are taking place that is contributing to an unsustainable environment and destroying the atmosphere to an extent. If these issues keep increasing in number, then it not only destroys animal and plant species but also impacts our own lives. The global environmental issues are mentioned below.
In an environment issue essay, you should always talk about the seriousness of the issue of pollution. It should be noticed that the pollution of different types: water pollution, noise pollution, and air pollution. Water pollution happens when adding a lot of waste materials to water, making it impossible for ourselves to access pure drinking water. Similarly, air pollution occurs when smoke and other harmful gases are added to the air, making it look polluted and unsustainable. When we breathe in this air, the pollutants enter our bodies directly and become a reason for various health problems. Thirdly, noise pollution happens when we speak loudly or increase the volume of songs or tracks to an extent, and this can cause serious hearing problems in human beings.
Global Warming
Global warming is the result of ozone layer depletion and our non-friendly activities. For example, when a lot of pollutants and harmful gases are added to the air, it becomes a matter of serious concern. The air gets polluted, the ozone layer gets thinned, and this leads to skin cancer and other similar types of problem. Unfort

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