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This essay is a review of an American movie series called WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS. The essay should answer the following questions. ***PLEASE ONLY USE AN AMERICAN/ENGLISH SPEAKING WRITER**** What the movie about? What were some interesting points throughout the movie? Who did the writers depict in the beginning of the series as a villain? Did this villian change? What was disturbing about the movie? Are the “good guys” acting in their best interest? What could be changed to make the movie more interesting or audience appealing? source..
What the movie about? The movie is about the economic meltdown and how it impacted on people in the US and around the world. As the economy staggers on it brings about disaster. The movie starts with a young man; Jake, Wall Street trader associating with former Wall Street Corporate associate Gordon Gekko to alert the financial community around the world of the coming economic crisis. The movie also talks about greed; Bretton James particularly is depicted in the movie as one who is egocentric and materialistic. Gekko is an author and lecturer of his book, is Greed Good is being interviewed in the early stages of the movie. Bretton’s greed makes him amass wealth that was beyond reach of many in the movie. Betrayal is also another key theme in the movie, Bretton testified against Gekko that led to his 7 years imprisonment. Furthermore, Jake uses his brilliance to make Bretton pay dearly for the corrupt deals that he used to get his riches. What were some interesting points throughout the movie? The beginning of the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps grabs the attention of any viewer. When Jake is a wakened by his girlfriend Winnie, turning on the television Winnie’s father is the one who is being interviewed. The acquaintance between Jake and Gekko builds up the movie as it helps the viewer to follow and understand the movie. All the ill deals that Bretton used to gain his wealth are uncovered, Winnie accepts Gekko as a father and family, Gekko manages to build up his econom...
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