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Please answer each question with a minimum of 75 words. The questions need to be answered individually. The questions are all about the novel A FAREWELL TO ARMS, by ERNEST HEMINGWAY 1. Explain what makes the central character of your novel dynamic. 2. Consider the tone of A Farewell to Arms. What sets the tone? How does it affect your interpretation of the events in the story? Could the tone be read differently by another reader? Do you believe the author considered this in setting the tone? 3. How important is the setting of the novel? What impact does the setting have on your interpretation of events? 4. Explain the use of symbolism in the novel. 5. Explain the primary conflict in your novel. How do other conflicts in your novel affect the primary conflict? 6. Does the novel convey a moral? If so, how does the author develop the idea? If there is no moral, does the author want you to do anything? source..
A FAREWELL TO ARMS, BY ERNEST HEMINGWAY Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (01 October, 2010) A farewell To Arms by Ernest Hemingway This essay shall outline the book “A Farewell to Arms” which is authored by Ernest Hemingway. This is a love story literary material with a tragic ending which is set on the First World War I based on the setting of a ravaged and war torn Italy background. This book shall be evaluated to answer the five questions in this essay independently from the point of understanding of the book. Question (I) The central character (Henry) in this novel is outstanding and dynamic in many aspects. First in the novel Henry plays the role of the central character as well as the narrator, from this point of view he is viewed as the hero and at times the villain. Henry is very vague about life principles concerning death and lost love as the other character (Catherine) has endured. While Catherine who is the love fro Henry is cautious he is carefree, the dynamic fact evolves around the passionate love and dedication to his love Catherine (Hemingway, 1929). Question (II) The tone on the angle of the author in this novel is an exemplification of the occurrence which had being experienced by him as he was once a soldier. The remorseless and the immorality which is brought forward by war are well displayed as the author uses the main character in the novel to display his emotion in ink. The tone in this novel is somber and is mostly triggered by the emotions and love that Henry the main character has for Catherine and the compassion he has toward other people. Thus this exemplifies with passion the way the novel is interpreted and this can have diverse interpretation on other readers (Hemingway, 1929). The author is articulated that he had gone through the same o...
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