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School letter (Essay Sample)

I have to write a letter to school regarding re-take an english course. This letter for request not physically attending a class but will hand in all the assingments and do a test. Since i am currently an employed at four seasons and looking forward to be schedule on Monday so I am not able to attend a class. source..

Running head: request letter
Dear Sir/Madam,
Re: Course retake request
My name is [insert name] and I am writing the letter requesting to be offered a chance to retake the English course. I wish to state that I understand the importance of succeeding in the entire course that I take. It is in this regard that am seeking for this chance to help me put more efforts on the course and attain a reasonable grade. In fact, I clearly understand the consequences of not performing well in any course or missing out completely on the course for example being blocked from graduating on the final year. I wouldn`t such occurrence to happen to me.
Furthermore I wish to note that I may not be able to physically attend all the scheduled classes as would be expected of me. Indeed, I understand that a student ought to attend all the lectures as stipulated in the learning time tabling. This is because the lectures act as supplement to the reading of assignment and of course the class presentations always give information in manner different from the written text. However, this would not be appropriate with me because I am employed to four seasons and therefore find it challenging to accomplish all the tow tasks. But I would wish to give assurance that that all the class assignments and te...
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