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The Twilight Zone Episode “A Nice Place to Visit” (Essay Sample)


Use the following passage from part 5 of Arthur Schopenhauer’s “On the Suffering of the World” to analyze The Twilight Zone episode “A Nice Place to Visit.”

Part 5

“Work, worry, toil, and trouble are indeed the lot of almost all men their whole life long. And yet if every desire were satisfied as soon as it arose how would men occupy their lives, how would they pass the time? Imagine this race transported to a Utopia where everything grows of its own accord and turkeys fly around ready-roasted, where lovers find one another without any delay and keep one another without any difficulty; in such a place some men would die of boredom or hang themselves, some would fight and kill one another, and thus they would create for themselves more suffering than nature inflicts on them as it is.” 


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Writing Studies

Spring 2018

Prof. Plath

Essay #3

The Twilight Zone episode “A Nice Place to Visit” analysis according to Arthur Schopenhauer's “On the Suffering of the World”
Many people think that it's absurd to see enormous pain people go through in the world just to fulfill their desires. History reveals the constant conflicts and wars in the world are caused by human desires. Humans struggle with their personal desires in different ways; this is part of human nature. Arthur Schopenhauer in his book "On the Suffering of the World", views life as a constant struggle to attain happiness.
According to Arthur, although people manage to achieve happiness, it only serves them for a moment; afterward, they still crave for more. The continuous cycle to achieve happiness is the main source of endless suffering. Arthur views the world as the source of all human suffering as he believes that humans can never be contented with what they have. Humans get bored after attaining his goal. He demonstrates this concept of wants versus boredom in part 5 of his book, presenting several examples on the same.
In chapter five, Arthur notes that human lives revolve around work, worry, toil, and trouble; he wonders what can become of the world if all human desires can be satisfied as soon as it arose. He further

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