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Contradicting Views Concerning Abortion (Essay Sample)

For the final SLP, your task is to complete and submit your Final 6-8 page SLP final essay. It should be evident that you have thoroughly considered arguments on both sides of the controversy, and that you have come to a conclusion based upon weighing those arguments. *It should be evident that you have incorporated feedback that you received on your work from previous modules. *All references must be properly cited in the text of the paper as well as at the end. Expectations for the Final SLP: For the final SLP project you will develop a 6-8 page argumentative essay. The SLP is an argumentative essay in which you select a topic of current interest and controversy, research the views of participants in that controversy (as well as other informed sources), outline the positions and key arguments in favor of the controversy and against the controversy, and then take a position of your own on the issue. The final essay should demonstrate your ability to critically analyze arguments using the concepts and principles from each module. You will be expected to make progress on your SLP in each module. The Final SLP essay will be an integrated collection of all modular SLP components. source..
Running Head: Contradicting Views Concerning Abortion.
Life is a right for every one either born or unborn. In today`s world t people have turned to abortion to hide their promiscuity. They feel unborn child is not human enough to live. The scientific world with enough knowledge that life starts at conception still supports abortion. The effects of abortion are not only restricted to the mother but also to the society as a whole.
The issue of abortion is highly debated about. Some people see no harm in having abortion while others, especially most religions are against it. The fetus developing in the mother`s womb is human in the initial stages. IF there was no fetus there could be no human thus their life should be valued. Killing them is like murder of adult human and serious action should be taken just as in a murder case.
The contraction of sexually transmitted diseases is on the rise due to sexual relations outside wedlock. In these relations no protective measures are taken thus pregnancy is a common occurrence. These pregnancies are not a big deal because they are countered by abortion. Thus most abortions promote STD transmission (Milburn 2009).
The fertility rate is decreased by repeated abortions. The uterus ability to sustain pregnancy till birth is altered thus resulting in premature births and miscarriages. During abortion the uterus can be all together removed thus the woman becomes infertile. The immature born are at risks of developing several abnormalities either physically or mentally. This leads to a society of deformed individuals who are not productive to the economy. There are also increased incidents of breast cancers due to abortion (Milburn 2009). Apart from physiological trauma, the women are psychologically affected by abortion. They feel guilt, loss and even can commit suicide a disorder called post abortion syndrome.
The performance of abortion especially in areas where it is not legalized is very dangerous. The process is carried out in unhygienic environment with use of unsterilized tools and without anesthesia. This makes the process very painful and usually results in many maternal deaths. To prevent these deaths people should avoid unwanted pregnancies. If during abortion there are damaged tissues and even infections and they are not treated on time the woman may not be able to conceive again (Milburn 2009).
The government should be very committed in educating the public about family planning. This can be done through media and also in the work place. The contraceptives should be easily available so as to avoid unwanted pregnancies. If these are not readily available pregnancies occurs which are usually aborted. The men should be taught to take more responsibility in contraceptive use.
Repeated abortions can decrease fertility rate. Due to wounds present in the uterus and oviduct from previous abortions, the woman may fail to become pregnan...
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