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Improper Trash Disposal Practices (Essay Sample)

Write a 2-3 page paper in which you do the following: 1) Discuss what may constitute improper trash disposal practices. 2) Describe the human health problems that trash may lead to if it is improperly disposed off in the community where you reside, and in the event of a major disaster such as an earthquake or tornado. i.e. in the event that the current trash disposal methods in your community deteriorate source..
Improper Trash Disposal Practices
Activities of man related to livelihood and welfare generate trash or waste. Trash is a substance or material that remains unused or rejected and considered as worthless. Improper trash disposal in illegal dumpsites constitute poor management systems of trash that can cause environmental degradation and human health problems. Poor waste disposal occur when there are inadequate garbage bins or legal dumpsites. Failure to collect trash at all in areas where people throw trash in open drains or any vacant parcel of land can have detrimental impacts to human health (US EPA, 1998).
The improper disposal of domestic garbage can cause human health effects. The effects can be direct or indirect, immediate or delayed. The routes of exposure to the health risks can be through inhalation, ingestion and skin contact. Most organic compounds are absorbed through the skin, these includes; solvents, organo-metalic compounds and pesticides. Ingestion can occur through foodstuff contamination or drinking water contamination. However, the careless handling of domestic waste results into physical injuries (US EPA, 1998).
According to US EPA (1998), improper disposal of domestic wastes is a major cause of environmental degradation. Some wastes are harmful to the atmosphere and destroys the ozone layer. The destruction of the ozone layer causes diseases like skin cancer. Improper waste disposal can interfere with the life of animals, especially domestic animals leading to poverty. Broken bottles can cause physical injury especially when one steps on a broken bottle or sharp objects. Some of the sharp objects can have germs and may cause tetanus. Improper disposal of human stool may cause diseases like cholera when flies carry germs from the stool to foodstuff (US EPA, 1998).
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