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Process Centered Concept within a Healthcare Organization (Essay Sample)

Expectations 1. The key point you will need to address in this assignment regards the alignment of the Process Centered Concept within a healthcare organization and "how done". 2. In at least 2 full text pages present your example - different from the background readings. 3. Tip - you can surf the web with www(dot)google(dot)com for the key words: "process centered organization" healthcare The Assignment 1. Many healthcare organizations have changed their conceptual approach to their structure and methods, so as to be in alignment with the Process Centered Concept. The "centeredness" aspect is the patient. 2. Present an example of a healthcare organization that has undertaken such a change, and explain "how done". source..

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(11 February 2011)
Process Centered Concept within a Healthcare Organization
The healthcare industry for many years has been undergoing contentious revolutions that have fed on uncertainty and conflict. The health care providers of disciplines have observed their responsibilities, work and their norms of professionals changing dramatically with the target of meeting new agendas. Many of them concur that, the changes are for the patients benefits. The process of making such like transitions has been challenging as well as much painful.
In most health care organizations, the focus has been the adoption of care processes to assist in meeting managed standards of care, drastic costs reduction via consolidation of services as well as the reduction of staff, and the adoption of interdisciplinary groups for service provision. Such like alterations are not worse, furthermore only a few will tend to disagree that streamlining was much vital. On the other side, the patchwork of improvements and piecemeal approaches have in most cases led to further confusions, frustrations, as well as fragmentations . As a result, it has been much easier for individuals to blame reengineering for most chaos, however in reality; it is good to learn from experiences as well as moving on the next generation of organizational improvements, (Suzanne & Dominick, 1999).
An example of a health organization implementing process centered concept is St. Mary’s Hospital. In 2006, St. Mary’s regional medical centre started strategic planning process with much focus on quality. After which a local orthopedic surgeon expressed a desire of creating a centre that specialize in unique wants of joint replacement patients. The concept was the developme...
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