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Petition to FDA to Require GE Labeling (Essay Sample)

Write a brief comment regarding the accuracy of one of the petition\'s statements of the science and the law. Please see the attachments. Thanks. Adriane Fisher source..

Petition to FDA to Require GE Labeling
Professor Name:
(October 28, 2011)
Petition to FDA to Require GE Labeling
The petition filled to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) targets the producers of genetically engineered foods (GE foods); this is in view of the fact that there is no regulation that seeks to protect consumers from consuming them. The petition seeks to have the labeling of all GE foods in the market regulated by the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) (Center for Food Safety, et al. n.d.). This paper reviews the petition and comments on its science and legal basis.
The petitioners have a legal basis in that they seek update of the legal system and laws since the laws governing the FDA were drafted in 1992. There is therefore need for a new policy to govern the present food challenges. The FFDCA needs to be updated to ensure that current issues such as those of GE foods are elaborately covered (Fortin, 2009).
The petitioners incorporate science in their...
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