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Minorities in America (Essay Sample)

It's basically an essay after reading two articles. I will upload materials that you need, but you can just ignore about Healey. Skin Deep is a movie about racism. There are about 20 college students who are whites, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Indian Americans. They go to a cabin for a couple of days, and blacks, Asians Americans, and Indian Americans complain to those white students about racism and talk about their background and inconvenience as colored people. They have trouble to talk because colored students just think that those white students just pretend to be kind, and they firstly think that they are racists. (But actually most of white students in the cabin are not racists). But as time goes by they understand each other, become friends, and leave the cabin. source..

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(16, November 2010)
Racism in Sociology: Minorities in America
The use of the term ‘The other`
After reading the articles the term ‘the other" is used to by the various authors to represent the minority groups of people living in America. This term is used to illustrate how the white community viewed as the ‘Americans` refer to other American people mostly the immigrants. "The other" as identified in the articles include: the African-Americans, Korean Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Chicanos, Irish, Jews, Indians among other groups who have migrated from parts of the world I to America for various reasons like slavery, for employment, in pursuit for better life, as laborers, as a result of colonization among other (Goldberg, 1990).
Also, the term ‘other" has been synonymously used by other immigrant communities to refer to their fellow immigrants of different racial race e.g. the African Americans refers to the Hispanics as the other meaning they are a different entity from them (Morison, 1992). It a social paradigm used to isolate and cluster individuals into races i.e. for racial identity purposes. It implies that the other entity is not one of their own.
Some of the illustrations from the articles are as follows:
Firstly, the term "the other" is referred to when McIntosh in his article says that he has come to appreciate the fact that his skin color gives him "privileges" that other with colored skins are not entitle to. For example he claims that he can take a job with an affirmative action employer without having co-wo...
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