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A Memorandum on Canada food Labeling (Essay Sample)

Your client is a multinational food manufacturer that wishes to sell a new soy milk in Canada. The soy milk has never been previously offered for sale in Canada. The milk is made from soybeans that contain high levels of the amino acid methionine due to the introduction of a transgene derived from Brazil nuts. Your client plans to package the soy milk in 16 ounce containers, which will be clearly labeled as containing 16 ounces of soy milk. The labels on the containers will be in English. The energy and nutrient declarations will be expressed in the format dictated by the U.S. Nutrition Labeling and Education Act. Since soy contains isoflavones, which are thought to contribute to the prevention of heart disease, your client wishes to place the statement "soy milk – your proven defense against heart disease" on the label. Draft a one to two page memorandum to your client outlining any concerns that you may have with the above proposals. Include details of actions and approvals that may be required for the sale of the soy milk in Canada. Also include any changes to the labelling that you would recommend prior to the sale of the milk in Canada. I will send an attachment all you have to do is change what might be acceptable in the United States to what Canada will allow for food labeling. I will send Canada website along with other information. Thank you. Adriane Fisher source..
A Memorandum on Canada food Labeling
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Subject: Recommendation on conditions for sale of soy milk in Canada
I am writing to express my concerns as regards your proposal on sale of your product soy milk in Canada. In the memorandum, I intend to propose to you actions and approvals required for the sale. I will also propose changes in labeling of your product in line with the Canadian laws.
Sale of daily products in Canada is regulated under the Canada Agricultural Products Act which clearly defines the expected packaging and labeling for dairy products. I propose that you go through the regulations so that your product can be allowed to be sold in Canada. In particular, I wish you take the following into consideration when labeling;
The (Consumer Packaging and Labeling Regulations, 2011) requires that all information required by the Act and these Regulations to be shown on the label of a prepackaged product shall be shown in both official languages; that is English and French. The only exception is the information on the identity and principal place of business of the person by or for whom the prepackaged product was manufactured, processed, produced or packaged for resale which may be shown in one of the official languages.
Subject to section 26 sub-sections 2(d) of the Canada Dairy Products Regulations (2008), the product must show the words ‘product of` and ‘produit de` followed by the name of the country of origin in case of an import.
To be compliant with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (2011), when labeling, ingredients list has to be provided. The ingredients of should be listed in descending order of proportion by weight determined before they were combined.
I recommend that the common name of the product must be in line with Canadian Food Inspection Agency (2011) requirements, where it is expected to be shown on the main panel of the product package in both French and English with a minimum type height of 1.6mm based on the lower case letter ‘o`.
As pertains t...
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