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The Character of Katniss Everdeen of the Movie Hunger Games (Essay Sample)


Write a clear, coherent, and well-organized paper on one of the following topics. Your paper should be around four pages in length, and you must make sure that you use quotations from The Hunger Games. You can also choose to use quotations from secondary sources or to paraphrase specific scenes from the film or novel in order to illustrate and support your main ideas. You must remember to use MLA style guidelines for the format of your paper, your parenthetical citations, and your Works Cited page


01 December 2017
An Essay on the Character of Katniss Everdeen of the
Movie Hunger Games
The movie Hunger Games has become a worldwide phenomenon that has gained the attention of men and women globally and internationally. The action thriller movie has caused waves of appreciation and criticisms from the audience and have been the center of every entertainment tabloid and newspaper in the country. This essay will answer the question as to what I personally think about Katniss Everdeen’s difficult character, as well as her involvement with Peeta and Rue. This movie has brought a fresh new outlook on the role of women fighters. In a world led by men, women are stereotyped into who they’re supposed to be or who they’re not. It has become a troubling dilemma in the field of work, entertainment or even within the family setting to fill in the role of a woman. According to writer Moore of the Guardian that, Katniss is an idealized fantasy that is an anti-authoritarian heroine. She depicts what every girl’s character is, confused, stubborn and vulnerable. However, what makes her different is how she uses her bow and arrow, mental and physical strength to destroy her enemies. Likewise, she’s not after riches and wealth and she knows how to take her stand against what is just and right even if she has to stand alone.
The acts of bravery by Katniss, shooting flaming arrows, diving into dangerous terrain filled with traps have amazed millions of viewers world wide. This is totally different from the usual movies that we watch where girls only play roles that show her to be sweet, caring, demure and graceful. Katniss was a whole new story and a fresh perspective in the field of action and suspense. The story has a touch of uncertainty where you don’t know what will happen next in the subsequent scenes.
In a world full of inequality, unauthorized mass surveillance, torture and violence, Katniss stood to be a real warrior even far more than her male counterparts. We remember her famous lines “Happy Hunger Games. And may the odds be ever in your favour”. It was a dangerous game they play. If you lose, you d

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