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Juno Movie Directed by Jason Reitman (Written by Diablo Cody) (Movie Review Sample)


After watching the movie, Juno, directed by Jason Reitman, please write a 1-2 page film analysis that focuses on its portrayal of teenage pregnancy, has a working thesis, and includes at least two body paragraphs. You don't have to address all the elements of the movie, but the opinions should be all your own. Suggestion: pick one positive and one negative aspect of it, which would convey an objective response. If your review is to be entirely positive and entirely negative, that is fine, too, but please be sure not to utilize too much pathos and appear overly emotional about your view. You have until Friday night to submit this assignment. Remember that you are submitting it through Blackboard, not email. Movie link:


Film analysis
Juno is an American movie directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody.It can be classified as a drama-comedy. The movie basically highlights much of what people experience in real life, through the dramatic aspect it brings out. In so doing, the movie covers or touches upon several contentious or controversial issues in life. It does so however, without overdoing it and making the storyline boring or expected. The film first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on 8th September 2007.This paper delves into a deeper analysis of the movie, especially identifying the most evident of its aspects through character and story development. Of particular interest is the experiences and dilemmas of youngsters such as teenagers and the issues they face.
The movie is about a 16 year old Juno who is impregnated by her best friend Paulie (Micheal Cera), when they decide to experience sex life. The main cast of the film is Ellen Page who plays as Juno. The other stars of the movie are J. Simmons (Mac), Jason Bateman (Mark), Jennipher Garner (Vanessa), and Allison Janney as Bren. Juno visits an abortion clinic but later decides to keep the baby. However, she feels she is not ready to take care of a baby and gives the baby up for adoption. Vanessa and Mark are the ones to adopt the baby immediately Juno gives birth. The Juno story is

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