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Movie Review Assignment: Rain Man, A Communication Disorder (Essay Sample)


Four 2-3 page movie reviews of how well a communication disorder is portrayed in the movie you are writing about. You may choose which four movies to review. The review is due in the class following the class that covered the topic of the movie you are analyzing. Reviews should include a brief synopsis of the movie, brief background of the communication disorder and a brief evaluation of the effectiveness of the portrayal of the communication disorder in the movie.


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Rain Man
Communication disorders include problems that are related to speech, language, and hearing. A communication disorder may be referred as damage in the aptitude to receive, send, process as well as understand ideas, verbal, non-verbal or graphic symbol systems. It can be severely profound and can be acquired or developmental. A communication disorder might lead to primary disability or can be secondary to diverse incapacities. Accordingly, the paper will review how well a communication disorder has been portrayed in the movie, Rain Man.
The Rain Man is an Oscar-winning 1988 film written by Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass and directed by Barry Levinson and starring Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt and Tom Cruise as Charlie Babbitt. Charlie Babbitt is a self-centered car-dealer who has not spoken to his father in years due to the strained relationship they had while he was growing up. Upon his father's death, Charlie and his girlfriend Susanna left for Cincinnati, Ohio where he discovers, much to his shock, that his father had only left him a car and house in his will instead of the three million dollar estate he was expecting.
He further investigates and realizes that the money had been left to a mental institution where his brother, whom he had no previous knowledge existed, has been institutionalized. Raymond Babbitt turns out to be the Rain Man, Charlie's supposed imaginary friend from his childhood. He

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