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The effect of peer pressure (Essay Sample)

cause and effect paper with outline, thesis and conslusion source..
THE EFFECT OF PEER PRESSURE Name: Course title: Professor: Institution: Date Due: Introduction Peer pressure refers to the influence by which an individual, observer, or peer group exerts to another. This pressure may subsequently alter the beliefs, values, attitudes, or behaviors of the other person in an attempt to conform to the norms or values of the peer group. In a simple explanation, peer pressure occurs when an individual’s friends persuades him or her to do something he or she did not want to do. The person may have also been willing to do such a thing but did not have the courage to do it, and the friends give him or her courage to do so. Thesis Peer pressure influences an individual’s character in positive or negative ways. The friends whom a child hangs out with may lead him or her to make good decisions and choices in earlier years. If a child associated himself or herself with peers who had sound moral values early enough, it would be easier for him or her to resist peers that involve themselves with drugs and other harmful behaviors. Negative peer pressure on the other hand, can cause a lot of stress to teens and youth who are trying to understand and disentangle them from their parent’s control. Cause of Peer Pressures Among the main factors behind peer pressure is money and material things. This is because children as early as ten years involve themselves with the trade on illicit drugs just to obtain money. They use such money in obtaining things which they see other children in their peers having. Teenagers want look “fashionable” by wearing what the rest of their members in the peer group are wearing. That who seems not to be matching the rest of the peer becomes the focus of teasing. Individuals and teenagers employ various means in an attempt to be accepted in a social group. For instance, there is a likelihood of seeing students acting, dressing and even conversing just like others in their cycle of acquaintances. In groups and cliques, members of a particular peer group are depicted with regard to appearance, dress, extracurricular involvement, scholastic standing, social skills social economic status, personality traits and reputation. Teenagers mostly select their friends on the basis of social class and similarities. In the case when differing interests are realized, such friendship will end or one of them will be forced to conform to the other’s ideas. In e...
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