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The Annotation Paragraph. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


An annotated bibliography has two parts.
(1) The first part is the citation line which should be written according to APA format.
(2) The second part is the annotation paragraph.
I already finish the first part: citation line.
Just write one page for the annotation paragraph


An annotated bibliography 


An annotated bibliography is a list of cited sources about a particular topic, in which each citation is followed by a brief annotation, or discussion of the source.

An annotated bibliography is useful for documenting your research in a specific area, exploring varying viewpoints, and summarizing main points from different sources.


An annotated bibliography has two parts.

 (1) The first part is the citation line which should be written according to APA format.

(2) The second part is the annotation paragraph.

Both parts taken together are called an “entry.” Entries are typically organized in alphabetical order.


What is an annotation:

The annotation is a brief paragraph following the citation.

Purpose of the Annotation:

  • condense the content of the source (write a brief summary of the information)
  • evaluate the credibility of the source (analyze for authority, accuracy, currency, objectivity)
  • assess the usefulness or relevant application of the source
  • describe your reaction (credible source? value of source? analytical/emotional reaction?)


How to write an annotated paragraph

The annotation paragraph consists of two elements.

(1) a brief “capsule” summary of its content, and

        (2) a sentence at the end of the summary that explains why this source seems valuable and how you might use it (relating it to your own research topic).

        The annotation will follow the citation on the next line. There is not an extra space— double spacing is used throughout.



Sample Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography
AICPA sets ethical standards for outsourcing. (2005). Journal of Accountancy, 199(1), 8.

            This article discusses the new standards for outsourcing developed by the AICPA ethics committee. The standards are summarized, and a brief discussion is included of the implications going forward for business and international trade. The authors indicate that changes to the business community will be relatively minor. This is a helpful source for getting an overview of the current ethics standards in outsourcing.

American Management Association. (1996). The AMA style guide for business writing. New York, NY: Author.

            The American Management Association has created its own guide for business writing. Designed as a supplemental text to more thorough style guides such as APA, this guide covers topics relating specifically to business, such as citing financials, formatting of company reports, and professional approaches to information integrity in the workplace. This is an indispensable work for anyone doing professional business writing.

Barthelemy, J., & Geyer, D. (2005). An empirical investigation of IT outsourcing versus outsourcing in France and Germany. Information & Management, 42, 533-542. doi:10.1016/

            The authors present an investigation of IT outsourcing based on the combined results of a survey administered to IT firms as well as statistical measures from domestic and French or German firms. Their data covers a wide range of IT business unit types. However, the lack of longitudinal data weakens their conclusion that the slower pace of French and German IT outsourcing has had a positive effect on business in those countries long-term.


Annotated Bibliography
SEEFIELD, M. (1947). STUDENTS ABROAD. Pi Lambda Theta Journal, 26(3), 76-80. Retrieved February 5, 2020, from
The author examines the life of college students, international students, food rationing, and peacetime for college students. Seefield also examines cigarettes as a drug. The author asserts that the rate of cigarette smoking varies throughout the world. Cigarette smoking has also increased in the developing nation. Cigarette smoking has a lot of health risks like cancer. Food rationing is one of the numerous topics discussed in this article. The author asserts that food rationing is done to ensure that the prices of food have been kept below equilibrium. The article is relevant for anyone who wants to study more on students abroad.
Luo, J., & Jamieson-Drake, D. (2015). Predictors of Study Abroad Intent, Participation, and College Outcomes. Research in Higher Education, 56(1), 29-56. Retrieved February 5, 2020, from

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