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Reading Response to “The Virgin Suicide” (Essay Sample)


Write a reading response of The Virgin Suicide.
At least One FULL Page.


Response to “The Virgin Suicide”
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Response to “The Virgin Suicide”
The virgin suicide is a fictional story depicting the oppression girls face in the society. The main characters are the Lisbon's family, including the mother, the father and their four daughters. The mother is oppressive on the daughters and dictates how they are supposed to live. The father on the hand is docile and appears not to like how the wife is treating the daughters. The contradicting characters heavily impact the daughters since it is only the mother's oppressive commands that must be adhered to in the house. The girls in the novel are at their adolescent stage and therefore must be given freedom.
The society which the story is set expects women to be sexually active. The virgin girls recognize their role in the society and try to live accordingly. But in the house, the mother does not recognize that the girls are of age and tries to dictate everything in their lives. The mother expects the girls to dress in white dresses portraying them as pure and innocent, that is they a

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