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Technology and Reading Skills or Reading Habits (Essay Sample)


Writing assignment #3 will be an essay in which you incorporate at least six sources to support an argument. You may write on the same topic that you wrote on for writing assignment #2; however, you may be asked to adjust the topic in some direction in order to write a more successful research paper. In addition, of course, you will expand on the number of sources you use to defend your argument.
How Technology is Changing the Place of Literature
Outline for the essay
The essay should have the following elements:
an engaging introductory paragraph. You might even want to cite sources in the opening paragraph to make your opening engaging to the reader.
an effective and clear thesis statement
a statement of definitions and background on the topic on which you are writing. 
You will want to define any terms necessary for the reader.
You may want to provide a historical background on your topic.
unified, supported, and coherent body paragraphs that defend the thesis
sources cited throughout the body paragraphs that support the arguments in the paper
an effective conclusion
a “references” page that lists the sources cited. The references should be listed in APA format.
The sources and citation format for this essay
You are required to use at least six sources for this essay. 
At least three sources are to come from scholarly journals.
Keep in mind that if the sources are scholarly, the argument you make in the paper will be more persuasive. For this reason, feel free to use all scholarly sources if you can.
In addition, please feel free to cite more than six sources. You may find that seven or eight sources (or more) are necessary to establish your argument and defend your thesis. Please do not feel limited to using only six sources. Use more if you would like to or need to.
Please cite your sources and list them at the end of your paper using APA format.
1500-1700 words
Attached is my assignment #2 so if it could please stay somewhat in line with that one.

The impact of certain forms of technology on reading skills or reading habits
Course title:
The impact of certain forms of technology on reading skills or reading habits
In recent times, there has been some debate regarding the negative impact that technology could have over students’ habits of reading. Some argue supporting this and assert that the internet is currently being utilized to seek information and that the habit of careful and slow reading for understanding is certainly declining. Technology has been significantly integrated into people’s lives over the last few decades. The greatest impact of technology is perhaps on the transfer of information. The usual, conventional method that is used to transfer information – via printed documents – has started to be replaced by online data. Inevitably, this change has affected the way people read (Loan, 2012). This paper provides an exhaustive discussion of the impact that certain types of technology have on reading skills or reading habits.
Technology is defined as scientific knowledge that is applied for practical purposes, particularly in solving problems or inventing helpful tools (William, 2011). Reading is an imperative tool for lasting and lifelong learning. It is actually essential for everybody to develop the rudiments and culture of reading since reading skills are very important in life. Reading is recognized as the springboard of any literacy program as it gives students an active place and puts them at the centre of the curriculum and pedagogy (Shen, 2010). In essence, reading is an indispensable and imperative equipment for learning and acquisition of diverse experiences and skills that an individual actually requires in order to develop a satisfactory personal life. Akarsu and Danyemez (2014) noted that learners need to develop positive attitudes toward reading of books as a lasting and life-long learning experience.
In higher learning environments, reading is valued as an imperative academic language skill for foreign and second language learners. Through learning, learners get to learn new information and become more proficient in their subject matters (Noor, 2011). People who have good reading habits have the opportunity of widening their mental horizons and multiplying their opportunities (Loan, 2012). In the current technologically changing and developing world, reading is of major importance in teaching people how they can cope with new knowledge. Reading increases quality of life, creates culture, and makes cultural heritage available (Loan, 2012).
As the scores of students in international reading skill tests are falling, a lot of opinions have attributed this fall to the web searching exercise. In essence, web searching exercise is thought to be the cause of decreased literacy levels, and of shortening students’ attention span. It is also thought as being the cause of devastating a long-standing culture of growing up with the books (Akarsu & Danyemez, 2014). It is notable that there lacks convincing evidence to show that web searches have resulted in decreased attention spans among learners just as there is conclusive evidence supporting the assertion that TV surfing, texting, and video games have actually contributed to and caused shortening attention span in learners. Even so, new parallels have been drawn towards the adverse consequences of technology on reducing reading habits in learners. Conversely, there is the increasing consciousness and understanding of the positive impact that technology could have in reading and on learning in general (Noor, 2011). There are a number of multimedia programmes, educational tools, and applications that could enhance writing, reading, as well as comprehension. Starting from the top, there are quite a few phonemic applicat...
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