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Technology and the Reading Habits of ESL Students (Essay Sample)

I'm working with a group about Reading habits for ESL research. We did a survey, so my part is to write about " teachnology is changing the reading habit of ESL students", so I need to write a litrature review about it. Please consider that I'm not a native speake, so I need it easy words. I'm going to attach two sources the second source http://www(dot)webpages(dot)uidaho(dot)edu/~mbolin/igbokwe-obodike-ezeji.htm source..

Technology and the Reading Habits of ESL Students
Technology will affect the learning of the ESL students both in a negative way and in a positive way as well. The following are the ways in which technology can affect the learning of the ESL students.
Computer has a way of stimulating the minds of the students. The students would prefer to spend time reading the articles online rather than read a printed book. This therefore, would make the ESL students not to be interested in reading the literature books that the syllabus provides. The students would not be interested in class as they would be interested in operating their phones that provide them with simple and short stories and information. Therefore, the technology would affect the ESL students in a negative way (Igbokwe & Obidike, 2012).
Technology has come up with video games and these would affect the ESL students reading habits as well. The design of the video games is to engage the brain of the player. The games do not encourage the tolerance, as it is the case with the traditional games. Therefore, the students want those things that are not consuming most of their time. Technology encourages the mind that moves fast. This is to say the reading habits of the ESL would be affected in that they cannot concentrate in classroom for long or even pay attention to a book for a couple of hours. It becomes hard for children to stay on one task instead; they jump from one thing to another (Igbokwe & Obidike, 2012)..
However, despite the fact that technology can affect the reading habits of ESL students negatively, technology is an important tool that can bring positive change in the reading habits of the ESL students.
Technology provides tools such as you tube that many students relate with and teachers can use the tool to change the reading habits of the ESL students. You tube is a video software where short videos edited videos are posted and others can view. Therefore, students and teachers can make presentations and respond to books through the tool. This would stimulate students because they like spending time in the technological inventions.
Tweeter is another technological tool that would influence the reading habits of the ESL students positively. From tweeter students can make short responses of up to a hundred and forty words. Therefore the students can do short analyses of the books they have done in class and other students can read and respond to the same. This therefore, is an advantage to the ESL to improve the reading habits of ESL students (Firek, 2012).
Face book is another aspect of technology that can greatly improve the reading habits of the ESL students. Most of this generation uses to face book. This being a social network, students can use it to improve on their reading habits. The students can socialize from the site. They can exchange ideas, analyze books, and respond to class work. Technology assists...
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