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Perfect Place and Environment (Essay Sample)

Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you? Please answer this question because it is for my university writing supplement. source..

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Perfect Place and Environment
Every individual has a place where he/she considers special depending on whatever reasons. One person`s preference is different from that of another person. It is just a matter of knowing what one`s needs and expectations are before considering what the perfect place is for them. It does not require a great deal of time or money to realise what one`s perfect environment is. My perfect environment is home. This is because it has unique characteristics to the other places that I usually visit. It has a wide variety of features including security, pollution free, leisure, privacy and ease of accessibility to me.
The environment that I live in is quite comfortable. The view and the leisure amenities are quite comprehensive. It is a few kilometres to snow parks and beaches. Most of my leisure time I spend at the beach with my friends and family or even skiing at the snow reserves with my colleagues. Furthermore, the natural view from where I live is amazing. Just a short drive from home will give one a comprehensive view of the lakes, rivers and the natural wilderness of forests in the area. By just standing on a hill in the area, gives the oceanic view of Pacific Ocean and fresh water from the lakes and the rivers. In addition to these, the climate in the region is moderate. Moreover, the neighbours are also amazing as they are not gossipers.
Having a sense of security is imperative to a perfect environment. Home provides a form of protection from external aggression and potential threats to my safety and that of my property. My environment is earth quake free thereby reducing the chances of natural disaster. The designers of the estate ensured putting in place security protection details and amenities. There exists an electric fence that prohibits unauthorised people from accessing the region. Furthermore, the gate is guarded by a trained security guard twenty for hours. Each guard has his shift thereby giving me a sense of security and peace. There are also installation of alarm systems, video surveillance and even antitheft computerised systems. With these security measures, there is assurance that intrusions will be less and damage to the property within and less harm to the residents of the area.
The environment is pollution free. This therefore reduces the chances of falling sick or getting any other form of illness like cholera, typhoid, and diarrhoea which are associated with pollution. Designated area for dumping of wastes has been built which are cleaned on a daily basis by the contracted cleaning agency. Careful disposal is always done. Furthermore, the drainage system was well designed during building construction. Incidences like pipe bursts an...
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