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Final Project About Teacher-Student Interaction (Essay Sample)


Final Project
*This final project picks up where we started at the beginning of the semester when you were asked about your biggest fears and what you were most looking forward to this semester.
Use the following questions as a guide when writing your reflection. It is not necessary to answer every numbered question and you can also include additional information in your response. Each question response should be a paragraph (six to eight sentences). Choose five of six different questions to answer.
(1) What was your biggest challenge this semester? Why was this difficult for you? Were you able to overcome your challenge? What strategies did you find effective?
(2) What surprised you the most about the academic culture here? Was this a big difference from what you are familiar with in your home country?
(3) What was your favorite class this semester? What made this class your favorite?
(4) Do all of your professors teach their class the same way? How are their styles different? Do you think this is a good or bad thing?
(5) How are you feeling about the amount of work you have in your classes? Do you feel you are prepared for future semesters when you will have more work?
(6) Are you able to find a school work and life balance? Do you still have time for leisure activities?
(7) Do you have any questions about American culture? Is there anything that you are still confused or unsure about?
(8) Do you have any regrets about this semester? What would you have done differently?
(9) Did you live on campus in a residence hall or off campus? Did you have a positive or negative experience? Will you make changes for next semester?
(10) Overall, how are you feeling about next semester? Are you excited, nervous, indifferent, etc.? Do you have any specific concerns?


Final Reflection
It is always said that education is an endless journey, and I am pleased to be part and parcel of that journey. It comes without doubts to note that there is indeed not only a realistic chance of lifelong experience, but also the permanent acquisition of knowledge through it. I have learnt quite a lot during the semester, both in terms of culture and my experiences thereof.
One surprising thing I learnt about the culture he

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