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A Scene That Should Have Been Included By Shakespeare In Macbeth (Essay Sample)


Task: Write a 2-4 page scene that you feel should have been included by Shakespeare in Macbeth. The scene can be written in Modem English but must maintain the same formality of Shakespeare’s writing. Your scene should be formatted as those we read:
Include where in the play your scene will take place with Act and Scene numbers (Act VIII Scene IX),
List where the action is taking place at the very beginning of the scene (The country beside Birnam Wood)
Include italicized stage directions to inform your reader of who is entering and exiting the stage and what they are doing (Enter Malcolm and Macduff)
Include line numbers
All scenes must be typed using 12pt Times New Roman black font, double-spaced, and have a proper heading at the top of the page.


In Macbeth, it is assumed that the character, Macbeth kills King Duncan in his sleep. The death is not shown on stage. In different circumstances, however, Macbeth finds King Duncan not deeply asleep and they have a little conversation before Duncan gets murdered.
Act I
Scene VIII.
Duncan`s Room in Macbeth`s Castle.
Enters Macbeth and two servants, one is carrying a torch and the other Macbeth`s sword
MACBETH: Apologies for disrupting your sleep, sir. I was under the assumption you were an early sleeper.
DUNCAN: It is always a pleasure to see you. And yeah am quite a sleeper.
MACBETH: Then I won`t take much of your time. I hope you don't mind.
DUNCAN: Not at all. Your lovely lady Macbeth was just here to give me the goodnight wishes and now you are here. It is a blessed night indeed.
MACBETH: I didn`t bring any wishes noble and wise king. I mean at least not good wishes. I am honored that you are finding this humble place a bit more hospitable.
DUNCAN: Indeed it is. What troubles you son? Pray let me know. For though the body is beaten by old age the mind is still young.
MACBETH: Unfortunately, it is nothing that can be solved through talking. Most of my life I spent talking and it hasn't done much for me. I was thinking that maybe the time for action has come.
Enters the servant, hands over the sword to MACBETH
DUNCAN: All these years you have been a wise soldier, faithful to me, and never faltering in your ways. What has suddenly come over you?
MACBETH: Once in a man`s life, he gets a revelation. It remains upon him to honor this revelation or give up his fortunes.
DUNCAN: It is too late for riddles. I pray let me hear about this new revelation.
MACBETH: For all the years I served you, I held the assum

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